Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So, we are leaving to go on an 18 hour road trip to Oklahoma on Thursday. Since Sunday, I have been running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything "ready". You would have thought I was completely insane.
First let's start with the van. It needed an oil change, wash and a deep vacuum to reach the goldfish that had fallen into the great beyond. Then the outside of the house, Kirtis has been so busy with school and work, so there's been no time to mow, so my mom and I hit it hard this morning with the lawnmower and weed eater. It doesn't look so great, but it still got it's hair cut, nonetheless. And we got a big boost of "woman power" for doing it! Then there's the dog. She needs kennell arrangements, shots updated and verified, things washed and a bath......... Okay, so I think you get the idea, and I haven't even got to the people yet.
Tomorrow we start the 24 hour countdown as I race to get all the laundry done, everyone packed, all the snacks, DVD's, toys, and hopefully the house (somewhat??) clean.
Aaaaaah. I can't wait to pull out Thursday afternoon with nothing left to do but be in the car for an eternity where there are no dishes, no laundry, and hopefully just great memories to be made.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mommy's tired

Well yesterday I reached total and utter exhaustion before I even realized what was happening. After Kirtis got home from work and reminded me that he would have to work on a paper all night long and would have class most of the day Saturday, I just about lost a few screws. I mean I knew this all along, but somehow the realization was more than I could take. I handled it very maturely. Ate dinner by myself, locked in my room. Got really mad and went for a walk with Jackson at 6pm in 98 degree heat. All in all, I think I did a great job! Okay not really. But after Kirtis realized his wife was going crazy and we got Jackson in bed (what a relief from "mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy!") I fell asleep in a chair in the living room at 8 o'clock and realized, whoa, I think I am REALLY tired. Kirtis handled the middle of the night demands for more milk, and I slept right through. I woke up today feeling like a whole new woman. The thing is next time this happens what am I supposed to do? Just drive off into the sunset? Sounds nice.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day.
I love this picture of Kirtis on the beach with Jackson. I have to pay tribute to Kirtis. He couldn't love being a father to Jackson more. Children and babies love to be around him, nieces, nephews, as does our foster daughter, Xiana. He may seem rough around the edges, but he is a true softy, especially when it comes to kids.