Monday, July 30, 2007

How to get a soccer partner....

I love this video. Kirtis sent it to me again, I remember I saw it the first time when I was pregnant with Jackson and thought it was so cute. It made me think of how fun it is to have siblings, and that Jackson will now always have someone to kick around a soccer ball with (or play football or basketball or baseball!) I'm sure this little baby girl will have to like sports with a big brother like Jackson who is so physical and loves balls so much.
I can't wait until I can put Jackson into sports and help him get some of his energy out!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


You know that saying, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold"--

I've gone through quite a few "sets" of friends in my life. Elementary was Heidi and Bethany from church and Tiffany Towne from school. Junior high was Wendy and Heather and still Heidi and Bethany. We moved to Mississippi and I was lucky to have one friend for those two years--Stacey. Then we moved back to Sugar Land and I had Julianne and Nancy and a whole new group of friends. Each friend brings back vivid memories from each stage of my life. It seems like up to this point, my friends were for the most part, the people I went to church with or the girls who I had classes with, and we just sort of fell into each other's hands.

Some of the best friends of my life were my college roommates. Stephanie, Megs, Anna, Heidi, Christine, Amy. The friendship started because we lived in the same dorm, and we sort of just fell into friendship together. They were a godsend for me. We still email all the time, and I find myself missing having that many people that I could turn to on a dime and giggle with while eating candy from the "Wilk".

Tonight we got together with my two best girl friends from the Avenues: Jen and Becky and their families. We used to walk through City Creek Canyon nearly every day. We now get together every few months since we all live about 30 minutes away from each other. It's always so fun to be reunited, but it makes me sad that we can't be a part of the "everyday moments" like we used to be.

I am trying to make "new friends" here in my new neighborhood. But I find myself missing the ease that came with previous friendships, and wonder sometimes why it has to be so hard, and why I have to be so selfconscious. I always wonder, do they really want to be my friend, like I would like to be theirs? Am I divulging too much of myself, when they are not sharing as much with me? I wish I could go back to the ease of elementary school days when Bethany and Heidi were the two girls I went to church with, so they were the two girls I was friends with. It seems like the more "friend options" there are, the harder it actually is!

I guess some friends are irreplaceable. Maybe that's what makes them so "gold." There's only one 7th-grade-Wendy to rig M.A.S.H. for you so you would end up with your secret crush in the end. Only one college Stephanie to laugh with and cry with until 3am with class the next day. Only one "Jen and Becky" to share 2 miles uphill everyday with 4 kids between us.

And so, my search continues, for my new friend or friends who will someday be a wonderful memory from this part of my life. To be continued....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's a...........


We are so excited and can't wait to go out and buy pink stuff. The ultrasound went great. The baby looked healthy and right on target for a December 26 due date!
Just had to share the news!

Oh I wish.... son had an ear infection!

So I broke down and took Jackson to the doctor. I waited until I was absolutely convinced he had an ear infection, so I wouldn't waste a $20 copay and an hour and a half at the doctor. Jackson even told me his right ear hurt, not his left, so I was sure this one was in the bag.

Dr. Cox says his ears look perfect. I wanted to tell her she was wrong..... If only it were an ear infection. I could get antibiotics and he would start feeling better within 24-48 hours. She says it's probably some kind of virus.

Okay, there's Jackson crying. Be right back.

So, we are up at midnight, 3 am, have incessant whining, and there's no end in sight......

Ah. The joys of sick kids.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dave's calculator

So, I'm not running ads on this blog, Kirtis and I have just really caught fire with Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, and have started a commitment to save more, pay off debt so we can always have financial peace. If you are curious, check it out-- don't worry there's no strings attached.

Pioneer Day

Last Thursday, our ward had a "primary parade." All the kiddos rode their bikes around the neighborhood behind a float and a fire truck. Jackson loved trying to keep up with the fire truck. It was way hot and we got tired quickly, but it was such a fun simple way to celebrate.

Of course, I forgot to bring my camera, but I took pictures of Jackson by his bike after we got home.

And, he has "posicle" all over his face. That's my messy boy!

Last night we went to the South Davis Rec Center in Bountiful. The pool there is so awesome. They have a great kiddie area, plus a big slide and a lazy river, hot tub, diving boards, etc. etc. Jackson is really getting comfortable in the water. We put his "floaties" on him and he loves floating by himself! We feel like it is just as much fun as we would have with Jackson at a full-fledged water park, but it is only $5!

Today, (pioneer day) is pretty low-key. We thought about going to the parade downtown, but didn't want to fight the heat and the crowds. Kirtis is working on the yard-sprinklers are next on the list.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jackson's New Train Obsession

Jackson on the Tulsa Zoo Train. He was in heaven!!

Yesterday I was talking to Kirtis about when we should start potty training Jackson.

Jackson overheard us and started saying "Potty Choo-choo Train" "Potty Choo-choo train!"
This could be a very exciting experience for us all. Any idea of how to tie real trains in with the potty training?

Xiana's Birthday

This was a few weeks ago, but I am now just getting the picture's off of our camera.

This is the cake I made (with mom's help) for Xi's birthday on June 25th. She was excited to turn 15, and is letting us know how much she likes being a full-fledged teenager!

Big Boy Bed!

This is Jackson sleeping in his new bed.
Last night I went into Jackson's 9x10 room, to think about how we are going to fit the new baby in the room with him, and I mentioned to Kirtis that we should start looking for a bed for Jackson, so the baby can have the crib. Kirtis looked on KSL, found a bed for a great price that had been online for 11 minutes. We went and picked it up, came home and put it together and he slept in it last night!
Jackson seemed to totally "get it." We told him he wasn't allowed to get out of his bed and he had to go to sleep and he did. He thinks it is way neat. It's way crowded in his room now, but it will work!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My new favorite place....

McDonald's playland.

I told Xiana we could go to Ross after dinner and look for clothes. She has $40 a month she has to spend on clothes, so we made our monthly sojourn to the mecca of discount clothing. She quickly found a handful of items, and meanwhile I am pushing Jackson down the teeny dress aisles as fast as possible trying to keep Jackson entertained before either of us loses it completely. I find something to try on, head to the dressing rooms, and the girl tells me I can't bring the carts back, so I have to........ let the monster free. Aaaah! He's freed and in heaven crawling under and around all the dressing room stalls. He lets out a "so cute!" comment here and there so most the ladies think he's pretty cute.

We are out of the dressing rooms and the track star in him is set free! From the front to the back of the store, back and forth. I am exasperated and am one of those moms, that I said I would never be-- my child completely out of control, and I am not too nice about it. After what felt like a marathonesque workout, we finally leave, and then we head to....

The McDonald's playland. I got 30 minutes of peaceful time! There was even a video game for Xiana to play there! Jackson climbed up this 30 foot tower thing about 50 times. He was so tired and we were all happy.

I don't think I will be shopping again any time soon with Jackson, and I think McDee's will be seeing a lot more of us!

Monday, July 9, 2007

For the love of cakes

I am so impressed with my sister-in-law and her new cake making "hobby." She just completed her first wedding cake, and it looks amazing!! Congrats, Natalie!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Money Makeovers and Milk in Moderation

Vacations seem to give you a good chance to take a step back and look at your life from a distance. An 18 hour drive both ways gives you lots of time to reflect as well.
We came home from our trip with two new goals. Wean our almost 2 1/2 year old off of his milk addiction that seems to be controlling our lives, and start paying attention better attention to our money.

First for the money, it's not that we have been irresponsible. Moving into a new house with TONS of new projects in combo with a little more money to play with have led us to become a little complacent. Money in, money out, and we're not sure where it went. We listened to Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover on the trip home, and have started a new budget and a new resolve to save more and spend more carefully, so we can accomplish our goals.
I totally recommend him and the book. If you are in Utah he has a radio show on 570 KNRS at 6 or 7 at night. He just is a really practical guy with sound advice.

Now for the milk. This one seems a little more scary, but we started our plan with explaining to Jackson in our most serious of serious voices, that it is "time to throw the sippy cups away, because now he is a big boy." He thought it was kind of a fun game, and then throughout the day said to me in an authoritative voice, "no milk, mommy." "That's right Jackson, no milk." Naptime did not really happen, he was so angry about not having his cups, he just screamed and cried the whole time. At bedtime Kirtis told him he wasn't allowed to cry or yell or climb out of his crib and he went to sleep last night with almost no trouble at all. What a sigh of relief!

We are on day two and loving it. He is eating a lot more "real" food-- he actually has a chance to get hungry in the day because he's not guzzling down hundreds of calories throughout the day. We are also hopeful he's going to make sleeping through the night a habit because he's not going to be used to a 3am milk snack.

Day 2 of "back to reality" and everything is going just swell. We will see how long it lasts!