Thursday, July 12, 2007

My new favorite place....

McDonald's playland.

I told Xiana we could go to Ross after dinner and look for clothes. She has $40 a month she has to spend on clothes, so we made our monthly sojourn to the mecca of discount clothing. She quickly found a handful of items, and meanwhile I am pushing Jackson down the teeny dress aisles as fast as possible trying to keep Jackson entertained before either of us loses it completely. I find something to try on, head to the dressing rooms, and the girl tells me I can't bring the carts back, so I have to........ let the monster free. Aaaah! He's freed and in heaven crawling under and around all the dressing room stalls. He lets out a "so cute!" comment here and there so most the ladies think he's pretty cute.

We are out of the dressing rooms and the track star in him is set free! From the front to the back of the store, back and forth. I am exasperated and am one of those moms, that I said I would never be-- my child completely out of control, and I am not too nice about it. After what felt like a marathonesque workout, we finally leave, and then we head to....

The McDonald's playland. I got 30 minutes of peaceful time! There was even a video game for Xiana to play there! Jackson climbed up this 30 foot tower thing about 50 times. He was so tired and we were all happy.

I don't think I will be shopping again any time soon with Jackson, and I think McDee's will be seeing a lot more of us!

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Rebecca said...

I can so relate! I'm laughing out loud just thinking about chasing after Jackson in the store. Classic!