Thursday, August 30, 2007

Don't ever grow up!

This morning was Xiana's first day of ninth grade. Jackson and I walked her to the school bus and then Jackson rode his little bike around while we waited for the bus to come. Jackson was so excited to see the big bus, and looked at me so intently, his little eyebrows turned down and he said, "Mommy, I want to go on the school bus."
Just as Xiana's bus pulled away, another bus came behind and picked up a little elementary kid who was waiting with her mom. The mom walked on the bus to get her situated and it took a long time before the bus finally pulled away.
Pregnancy hormones kicked in and before I knew it I was teary-eyed and wanting to hug Jackson and tell him to not grow up, but to stay my little buddy forever. Of course, he was speeding away on his bike and I had to "run"--more like shuffle-- after him so he would not ride out into the street. So, no tender moment there, but it did make me want to really enjoy all the little sweet moments and not dwell on the frustrating moments as much.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Found my camera cord!

Here's a baziliion pictures. From the roof of the conference center. Jackson was done by this point.
I am mad!

Xi looks like a model here. Beautiful girl.

My cute little buddy.
I love this picture. Cheesy smile. Scabbed knees. Thomas shoes (he's obsessed). Coolade mustache, and hair that needs to be cut. It's so thick, I actually love it when it gets a little long and unruly.
Aah. How cute. They really do love each other.

Mickey Mouse Pancakes

This morning I carried on a Messick family tradition. Mouse pancakes and homemade syrup.
They were a hit and Jackson tore through 1.5 pancakes, pretty impressive for him.

Here's the basic maple syrup recipe: It's SOOO easy.

1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
1/8 tsp salt

Bring to a boil and add 1 tsp maple flavoring.
You can use any combination of sugar as long as it is 2 parts sugar to 1 part water.

I went and bought a syrup pourer at Sur La Table. Pricey, but hopefully worth it!

I want to try some different flavors one of these days too. Blueberry, strawberry. It could be fun. I will let you know how it goes!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sleeping bears

Every morning J wakes up and crawls into bed with me and says, "time to wake up mommy. I want defus (breakfast). I want eggs!" In order to stall I have him sing songs to me until I am in the mood to get up up and make a delicious defus.

My amazing sisters have taught J this "sleeping bears" song. You'll have to call them for the tune, but you can find the jist of it here under "Grizzly Bears".

Day #1 minus Husband=still sane, but barely

We dropped off Kirtis at the airport before church. He had to travel all day to get to Georgia and got in 9:00pm Georgia time, in time for his Monday morning meetings. So today we were the fatherless bunch. I went visiting teaching, Jackson napped and that took up most the afternoon. Then after dinner, I knew I would be insane, so we trucked off to temple square. I guess I'm not too creative, but what else does one do on a Sunday night, (If you live in SLC) if it doesn't involve people or family? We took some cute pictures of Jackson and Xi (I'll post later. I'm too tired right now to find my camera). The lighting was perfect. Jackson loved seeing the BIG temple, and stopping to smell the flowers and seeing the fountains. After we were walking down from the Christus Statue, he said, "Bye bye, Jesus. See you later, okay Jesus?" He is so funny!
By the time we got home he was completely melted down and I tried the counting to three aproach, and I tried the I'll give you a spanking if you don't listen approach and finally just put him into bed, told him to stay there and left the room. He screamed and screamed. I went and walked the dog for about 5 minutes, and when I got home there was silence. So I guess that worked. :) His tantrums really unnerve me and I really miss it when Kirtis isn't there to work his "daddy magic".
So, only 4 days left..... and I am really trying not to think about when he goes to China in October for 10 days!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Baby clothes and maternity woes!

So last night we went over to Alex and Polly's house (Kirtis' brother's house). They have 4 kids, (3 of them girls), and Polly let me go through all the baby girl clothes she has and maternity clothes she has still held on to and pick out what I wanted. We came home with 3 huge garbage bags full of stuff! Holy crap. I tried to be discerning, because we really don't have that much room for this baby to have a lot of clothes. She has a 2 foot wide allotment of closet space, and 2 drawers, and that is it. Really. But the clothes were just SO cute, there wasn't much I could even turn down. So welcome to the world little girl. You are going to be fashionable. And we still have like 4.5 months to go!
Today I made the "maternity" switch. That's right, chucked the "normal" clothes in storage and filled the closet with maternity clothes, some of which are pretty cute, and others are just well... maternity. My belly is getting big and it's getting to the point where I know I can't fool myself by just thinking it is indigestion. THERE IS a little miniature person in there!
I guess getting all these clothes just makes it hit home that we are really going to have another baby! I am freaked out of my mind, but so excited to have that sweet little girl too.

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's off to work I go.....

Jackson came to me the other morning dressed like this, and said, "bye bye, mommy! I'm going to work okay?"

He has on one of Kirtis' lanyards (he wears one to work everyday with his ID card that gets him into the builiding). Of course sunglasses and socks are also a necessity for going to work. Cute little guy.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mission friends!

Monday night we got together with two mission friends, Alicia Derr (used to be Kaelin) and Sara McKay (used to be Trump.) It was fun to catch up with them and meet husbands and babies! Here's a picture of us at a pizza place in Salt Lake.

Rise Carnival

Last Tuesday I took the kids to the Rise Carnival in Ogden. Rise is the name of the non-profit organization which we have Xiana through. It was a lot of fun with the typical carnival stuff, face painting, raffles, pie eating contests, and even a dunking booth. Xiana decided she wanted to do the dunking booth and I said she could give it a try, then she said, "no I want to be dunked!"

I warned her that she would be completely soaked and cold and uncomfortable, but she still wanted to do it! I couldn't believe she got up there and did it, but I think she had fun. Of course, she was cold and uncomfortable and afterward she told me that next time she wants to do something crazy that maybe I should tell her "no." :)
It was fun to see her in her "element". She has made a lot of friends in her summer program, and it is good to see her fitting in and getting along.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Wedding weekend!

This is me with Stephanie, one of my best college girlfriends. I got to fly to Denver (all by myself!) to see her get married. It was such a fun weekend, and great to see how happy she is! Congrats, Steph!

Steph with her fiance Dave Wessler (now husband!) at the dinner the night before the wedding. Can you tell they were a little excited to be getting married?

Cutting the cake. All the layers were styrofoam, except they layer they cut(for you cake people out there.) Pretty cake, huh?

Cutting the cake. This is the nice picture before they stuffed cake all over each other.

Me with Katie Sabey, a great friend from freshman year! So fun to see old friends and catch up. She is also expecting #2, a girl, and is due in October! Good to see you Katie!