Monday, August 20, 2007

Baby clothes and maternity woes!

So last night we went over to Alex and Polly's house (Kirtis' brother's house). They have 4 kids, (3 of them girls), and Polly let me go through all the baby girl clothes she has and maternity clothes she has still held on to and pick out what I wanted. We came home with 3 huge garbage bags full of stuff! Holy crap. I tried to be discerning, because we really don't have that much room for this baby to have a lot of clothes. She has a 2 foot wide allotment of closet space, and 2 drawers, and that is it. Really. But the clothes were just SO cute, there wasn't much I could even turn down. So welcome to the world little girl. You are going to be fashionable. And we still have like 4.5 months to go!
Today I made the "maternity" switch. That's right, chucked the "normal" clothes in storage and filled the closet with maternity clothes, some of which are pretty cute, and others are just well... maternity. My belly is getting big and it's getting to the point where I know I can't fool myself by just thinking it is indigestion. THERE IS a little miniature person in there!
I guess getting all these clothes just makes it hit home that we are really going to have another baby! I am freaked out of my mind, but so excited to have that sweet little girl too.


Jensley said...

Your daughter will be a lovely princess, just like her mommy. If you have 4-1/2 months, does that mean you're in the second, un-morning-sick trimester? Yay!

The Andrews said...

Wow, I can't believe you've been able to hold off on maternity clothes this long! I outgrow my normal pants by about 8 weeks. I am DYING to get back into normal clothes now! I see so much stuff I want to get. Little girls are so much fun to dress. You can never have too much!

The Andrews said...

Hey send me your email address and I'll add you to my "viewable" list.