Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day #1 minus Husband=still sane, but barely

We dropped off Kirtis at the airport before church. He had to travel all day to get to Georgia and got in 9:00pm Georgia time, in time for his Monday morning meetings. So today we were the fatherless bunch. I went visiting teaching, Jackson napped and that took up most the afternoon. Then after dinner, I knew I would be insane, so we trucked off to temple square. I guess I'm not too creative, but what else does one do on a Sunday night, (If you live in SLC) if it doesn't involve people or family? We took some cute pictures of Jackson and Xi (I'll post later. I'm too tired right now to find my camera). The lighting was perfect. Jackson loved seeing the BIG temple, and stopping to smell the flowers and seeing the fountains. After we were walking down from the Christus Statue, he said, "Bye bye, Jesus. See you later, okay Jesus?" He is so funny!
By the time we got home he was completely melted down and I tried the counting to three aproach, and I tried the I'll give you a spanking if you don't listen approach and finally just put him into bed, told him to stay there and left the room. He screamed and screamed. I went and walked the dog for about 5 minutes, and when I got home there was silence. So I guess that worked. :) His tantrums really unnerve me and I really miss it when Kirtis isn't there to work his "daddy magic".
So, only 4 days left..... and I am really trying not to think about when he goes to China in October for 10 days!


nettifer said...

my hubby is gone all the time! Call me if you need anything. China - jealous! Not for you for he 10 days but of your hubby! I would love to go there!

Megs said...

Good luck Gina!! Blake is having a hard time right now and I don't know why, but it entails a lot of crying. Seeing as he has never been like this it has really worn me out and makes me sad. I am thinking of you this week!!