Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rise Carnival

Last Tuesday I took the kids to the Rise Carnival in Ogden. Rise is the name of the non-profit organization which we have Xiana through. It was a lot of fun with the typical carnival stuff, face painting, raffles, pie eating contests, and even a dunking booth. Xiana decided she wanted to do the dunking booth and I said she could give it a try, then she said, "no I want to be dunked!"

I warned her that she would be completely soaked and cold and uncomfortable, but she still wanted to do it! I couldn't believe she got up there and did it, but I think she had fun. Of course, she was cold and uncomfortable and afterward she told me that next time she wants to do something crazy that maybe I should tell her "no." :)
It was fun to see her in her "element". She has made a lot of friends in her summer program, and it is good to see her fitting in and getting along.

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