Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sleeping bears

Every morning J wakes up and crawls into bed with me and says, "time to wake up mommy. I want defus (breakfast). I want eggs!" In order to stall I have him sing songs to me until I am in the mood to get up up and make a delicious defus.

My amazing sisters have taught J this "sleeping bears" song. You'll have to call them for the tune, but you can find the jist of it here under "Grizzly Bears".


nettifer said...

Yeah I found you! Can't wait to read your blog and know all about your cute little family.
Thanks for your kind words about Primary! It is a struggle for me :)
Thanks for helping me with the round in singing! I struggle more with that!

The Fellers said...

Hi Gina:
I read your comment on the ask anything blog, and this is how you insert a link on your post:

you just type this into where you want the link to be. Where I typed URL, that is where you put the address of the link that you want, and where I typed TEXT, that is wherre you put the word that you want people to click on, if you make one mistake it wont work, but this should work, if it doesnt, then comment on my I can help you out.

The Fellers said...

grrrr....I just left you a comment on how to do this, but the format I put it in (the one you use to put it in your blog), just made it show the word to click on....because this is blogger, and I guess it not only works in your blog, but in the comment area too....e-mail me at and I can send you the it doesnt just show up as TEXT underlined....dumb thing, sorry....