Monday, August 6, 2007

Wedding weekend!

This is me with Stephanie, one of my best college girlfriends. I got to fly to Denver (all by myself!) to see her get married. It was such a fun weekend, and great to see how happy she is! Congrats, Steph!

Steph with her fiance Dave Wessler (now husband!) at the dinner the night before the wedding. Can you tell they were a little excited to be getting married?

Cutting the cake. All the layers were styrofoam, except they layer they cut(for you cake people out there.) Pretty cake, huh?

Cutting the cake. This is the nice picture before they stuffed cake all over each other.

Me with Katie Sabey, a great friend from freshman year! So fun to see old friends and catch up. She is also expecting #2, a girl, and is due in October! Good to see you Katie!


The Andrews said...

Wow, how cool would that be to go away for the weekend ALONE?? I don't know what that would feel like. Sounds like it was fun! Thanks for asking me to play the piano on Sunday. I had fun doing it!

sandals said...

Gina, you're glowing!! What a pretty couple and a pretty cake!

Veldon said...

It is so good to see Stehpanie so happy. I am excited for her and

nettifer said...

Love at how much fun you have had and all the fun things you do with the family!