Sunday, September 30, 2007

Close call

So I had a VERY close call yesterday. One that makes you breathe a BIG sigh of relief.

I had just pulled out of the car wash. Jackson was strapped in his car seat and Xiana was in the passenger seat. I needed to quickly change lanes in order to get into the right lane to get on the freeway. I am looking to see if there's room for me to get over and I realize that my side mirror is still pushed in from the car wash. I ask Xi to push it back out, but she didn't quite understand. She gets it, and then pushes it back out and I get ready to change lanes. However, I didn't realize traffic had suddenly come to a complete stop in front of me, and before I knew it, taillights were (what felt like) only a foot or so away. I was amazed at my quick response and also my minivan's response, as I braked and swerved to the right. I was shaking and couldn't believe that we didn't hit the car in front of us.
That was so close. A tiny split second later and it would have been a different story.
No, I hadn't said a special prayer that day for our protection. So I guess I won't be sharing this story in Relief Society. :)
But I do have to admit the feeling of relief that came over me realizing the precious cargo I had in the car and inside of me, and wondered if I, at an earlier, single, childless time of my life, would not have pulled away without a scratch or dent or anything. Maybe you just chalk it up to the laws of physics at work, and I was just lucky. However, I was quite surprised by my ability to react so quickly and accurately (not something I pride myself on) and also surprised by the ability of my big black minivan to come to a screetching halt that quickly. (I can now heartily recommend that buying a Honda Odyssey is worth the extra pennies!) So I can't help but wonder if we were given some extra protection, so that we could safely go on our merry way. Either way, I am grateful to have pulled away unscathed.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Number 1 and Number TWO

If you are currently experiencing morning sickness or have a ready gag-reflex (like my mother-in-law), you may not want to read on.

So Jackson is getting potty trained, and you know what he is a CHAMP. Being the independent little person that he is, wants nothing to do with me in the bathroom and yells things like "Stay back!" "Go away mommy!" and "Don't touch me!" while he does his business. I actually have to leave the room and them come back and check for his deposit before he's flushed. Then he scoots his little stool over to the sink, puts soap on his hands, turns on the water, and proceeds to shake the water off his hands like a wet dog before toweling off. It's really quite impressive overall.
So that is how "number 1" goes.

Number TWO is a different story.
The other day he had already gone number two, so I stupidly and bravely walked to the park with Jackson, honeybabe (our dog), and my cell phone and nothing between his bum and pants, but a thin cotton layer of bob-the-builder underpants. Jackson even used the (nasty) but convenient toilet at the park right as we arrived! "Gosh he is doing so great at this!" I thought.
Halfway through a lovely conversation with my lovely boyless sister-in-law, Jackson proceeds to pull off his shoes, pants and bob-the-builders to reveal a poop-streaked bum and inner thighs.
I run over to do something about this (yes, Natalie wipes would have been very handy at this moment!) and start the chase.
Jackson is yelling and running from me. Of course, he wants to play in the sand some more. How could this not be okay?
Somehow with a fast waddle I manage to tackle him and his wriggling bum and put his pants back on him without getting poo on me. I should seriously get an award for that! That was motherhood at its finest!
Jackson biked home and I carried the poo-filled underwear and Honeybabe's leash, and did not attempt any cell-phone conversations this time!

Story Number 2, about number 2. I'm sure this is very intellectually stimulating so far!
Naptime went so smooth yesterday! Hurray! The little angel yelled so cutely for his mommy to come get him- even though he sleeps in a big-boy bed and is quite capable of climbing out alone!
Uh-oh mommy, I hear and don't even want to look to see.......
Yep. It's worst case scenario in here. A poopy diaper had been removed and the poop had been kindly dumbed out on the carpet. In the meantime his sheets had been streaked with poo, and he had taken his tiny little cast from when he broke his leg when he was 10 months old and literally smeared it in poo! What in the world?
I called Kirtis to ask if I could throw away our little momento of his broken baby leg, I was so conflicted! It was DISGUSTING, but how could I throw away such a memory? We decided I would try to spray it off with a hose, and go from there. That method seemed to work pretty well, and we are going to hang on to it.
So if you ever see a tiny little blue cast in Jackson's room you'll know another story behind it!

If you got through reading this without gagging, YOU are a champ!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Painting party.

Okay people, I am still alive. It's just been awhile!
I have been painting Jackson's room. I finally decided to do green and yellow with the room divided in thirds. I'll post pics later. We left nearly all the furniture in there so Jackson could continue taking naps and sleeping (smart, huh!). So I've been pushing it around the room as much as I can to get to a bare wall. It's been SOOOO impossible to get it done because I can't do it while he is napping, or sleeping at night, so that leaves while he is AWAKE, and that is a complete disaster. Several mornings I have locked myself in his room while he watched his TV line-up and tried to pretend I couldn't hear the banging on the door!
Last night Kirtis took Jackson to the park for me so I could "finish up"-- I had to do HALF the room, and I had from 6:30-8:00(his bedtime). I had to tape and paint SO fast, and I was exhausted, but finished in time. Yeah! One more thing to cross off the list before the baby comes.
So now I'm trying to get our life back in order, because mom doing a project means that the maid doesn't show up for work, and the laundry, the dishes and every toy from here to high heaven really misses her.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Little kicks

So, I am officially in the "fun part" of pregnancy. You know, the sacred and hallowed second trimester. The glorious distance between the throwing up of first trimester and the swollen feet and heartburn-up-to-your-ears of the third trimester. Actually, I've been here in this second trimester hiatus for awhile, but I'm just beginning to take note of some of the good parts of pregnancy:

Such as:
The little kicks, squirms and rolls that I get to feel almost constantly! It's like she's saying, hey I know you're busy and all.... but don't forget I'm in here and I AM ON MY WAY! So weird and incredible and amazing that there is an actual human life inside of me. There is nothing more thrilling and awe-inspiring than housing a future little person inside.
I am at the point now where I am starting to remember how delicious it is to have a newborn in your home, but it's still far enough away that the scary reality of sleep deprivation and labor haven't hit me yet. A few screaming deals at Old Navy... (this girl has capri pants for every summer of her life until she is FIVE now!).. and a package from Grandma... (there's nothing like tiny soft little clothes to make your heart go pitter-patter!)... have helped me reach the point where I am finally there.... in love with the idea of a little girl coming to our home, and so excited to see tiny fingers toes and have a teensy little body to fall asleep on your chest. Yum.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

On missing husbands....

You know how wives can sometimes get tired of hearing ESPN on the tube, of picking up the occasional dirty socks on the floor, and responding to last minute requests like, "oh, by the way, could-you-find-my-passport-and-2-visa-photos-and-run-them-to-my-school-because-the-deadline-was-three-days-ago-and-if-you- don't-do-it-today-I-can't-go-on-my-10-day-trip-to-china...." You know, stuff like that.

Well, this morning I woke up and I just wanted to hear some sports on TV, or maybe a shirt left beside the OTHER side of the bed. Or maybe even a "honey could you please...." I actually got close to turning on NFL Network on myself, even though I have virtually no interest in it whatsoever. (Sorry hun!) Instead I heard the intro song for Thomas the Train one more time! (Jackson's request nearly every waking hour is, "pees, can I watch trains?!" and since we have "on demand"- he gets it pretty much, you guessed it, on demand!)

So tonight I sit here in silence, so glad that this will be my last night (until next month) to have to go to bed with no warm body next to mine, and no grown up person to spend the late night hours of the day, and no one to share the demands of caring for a household and a 2 year old and a 15 year old and a dog.
And so Kirtis, you have been missed, by me and Jackson, I think by Xi, maybe even by Honeybabe, but especially by me!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rasberry Freezer Jam

Since Kirtis is out of town I have found I have to do a million things to keep me busy and not thinking about the fact that I am tired and alone! So yesterday I made rasberry jam!

I feel SO domestic, and SO Mormon now! I bought a case of rasberries on Thursday (on sale!) and went to town. My favorite part was mashing the rasberries--they are just beautiful and DELICIOUS. Adding the sugar was my second favorite part. What's not to love about sugar? The combination just sounds fabulous. I think I'm going to give the jam a test run tonight for my (very crucial) right-before-bed-pregnancy snack. Now if someone could just bring over some homemade bread to drizzle it on.... that would be great!

My first hair cut

Okay, my first time to cut Jackson's hair with the buzzers. He DID NOT like it, and he made that very clear. However, between all the crying and with a lot of bribery-- candy, fruit snacks, and promises to go to the park...I was able to give him a sort-of-half-way-decent little boy hair cut! Here he is!
Note, this picture was taken WAY AFTER the traumatic hair cutting experience, so that explains the big grin! He is a good little buddy to have around while daddy is out of town.

Card swap

Last night I went to a card swap for our ward at Veronica's house. She is such a trooper to have it at her house. She is due in just a couple weeks with #3. It was so fun, and the food was so yummy! I brought 10 cards that I made:

and brought home 10 different ones:

Really, we just sat around and ate yummy food and talked.. but it was so fun to get out of the house!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cute stuff for moms

I have a friend who just set up a shop on "Etsy". She makes adorable changing pads, dress up clothes etc. She is giving a free changing pad away if you comment on her blog about her shop. Check out her blog for more info!

How to bake a perfect cake!

It's WAY easier than you think. Check out the step-by-step instructions on my new cake blog! You can find it at, or the new link on the right.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Little Dirt Monster

We ordered a big load of dirt this morning and Jackson was in heaven.
We have people coming to grade the yard tomorrow, and then we will have the hydro-seeders come. After that, all we have left to do is just water and wait for our yard to grow!

Fun kid-friendly dinner idea

Here's a fun way to mix up "pizza" at your house.
Buy refrigerated pizza dough (or make your own). Top it with your fave toppings and roll it up and cut it like you are making cinnamon rolls. Place in a pie pan with some extra sauce and cheese on top. Bake and...wa-la!
The kids and family loved it.
I got it from parents magazine that I read while I was at the gym. You can find the recipe here.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Laborious Day

Hey people,

What are you doing for labor day? We are planning on laboring in our our garage. It just seemed like the right time to do it. I'm not looking forward to it, and I'm wishing a big truck from HGTV would show up with their experts and cameras and tell us we'd just won a garage makeover!

My neighbor is going to have a c-section for labor day. I think she wins the prize. She can't do "labor" the "regular" way- so she got to schedule her kid's b'day.

How bout you?
What are all you folks out there doing for labor day?