Sunday, September 30, 2007

Close call

So I had a VERY close call yesterday. One that makes you breathe a BIG sigh of relief.

I had just pulled out of the car wash. Jackson was strapped in his car seat and Xiana was in the passenger seat. I needed to quickly change lanes in order to get into the right lane to get on the freeway. I am looking to see if there's room for me to get over and I realize that my side mirror is still pushed in from the car wash. I ask Xi to push it back out, but she didn't quite understand. She gets it, and then pushes it back out and I get ready to change lanes. However, I didn't realize traffic had suddenly come to a complete stop in front of me, and before I knew it, taillights were (what felt like) only a foot or so away. I was amazed at my quick response and also my minivan's response, as I braked and swerved to the right. I was shaking and couldn't believe that we didn't hit the car in front of us.
That was so close. A tiny split second later and it would have been a different story.
No, I hadn't said a special prayer that day for our protection. So I guess I won't be sharing this story in Relief Society. :)
But I do have to admit the feeling of relief that came over me realizing the precious cargo I had in the car and inside of me, and wondered if I, at an earlier, single, childless time of my life, would not have pulled away without a scratch or dent or anything. Maybe you just chalk it up to the laws of physics at work, and I was just lucky. However, I was quite surprised by my ability to react so quickly and accurately (not something I pride myself on) and also surprised by the ability of my big black minivan to come to a screetching halt that quickly. (I can now heartily recommend that buying a Honda Odyssey is worth the extra pennies!) So I can't help but wonder if we were given some extra protection, so that we could safely go on our merry way. Either way, I am grateful to have pulled away unscathed.


Jen said...

Theres nothing like one of those near-misses to fill your heart with high pressure and gratitude. I'm glad you were all alright!

Megs said...

I am so glad things worked out. I always wonder what would have happened if.... I can't wait to see you next week.