Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cute stuff for moms

I have a friend who just set up a shop on "Etsy". She makes adorable changing pads, dress up clothes etc. She is giving a free changing pad away if you comment on her blog about her shop. Check out her blog for more info!


bethany said...

Thanks Gina! :)

Veronica said...

LOL, I immediately knew this was Bethany's blog!

Heather Jones said...

Hello it is Heather jones your horrible visiting teacher!! OK I saw your comment on veronicas blog and wondered if that was you so I clicked on it to find out. I hope you don't mind. It was so fun looking at all your cakes You are so talented. I did not know you did that stuff. I for sure need lessons. I have done all my kids cakes and love it. I just do the pans you buy at the crafts store. I thought those were hard but you are awesome!!!How are you feeling?