Monday, September 17, 2007

Little kicks

So, I am officially in the "fun part" of pregnancy. You know, the sacred and hallowed second trimester. The glorious distance between the throwing up of first trimester and the swollen feet and heartburn-up-to-your-ears of the third trimester. Actually, I've been here in this second trimester hiatus for awhile, but I'm just beginning to take note of some of the good parts of pregnancy:

Such as:
The little kicks, squirms and rolls that I get to feel almost constantly! It's like she's saying, hey I know you're busy and all.... but don't forget I'm in here and I AM ON MY WAY! So weird and incredible and amazing that there is an actual human life inside of me. There is nothing more thrilling and awe-inspiring than housing a future little person inside.
I am at the point now where I am starting to remember how delicious it is to have a newborn in your home, but it's still far enough away that the scary reality of sleep deprivation and labor haven't hit me yet. A few screaming deals at Old Navy... (this girl has capri pants for every summer of her life until she is FIVE now!).. and a package from Grandma... (there's nothing like tiny soft little clothes to make your heart go pitter-patter!)... have helped me reach the point where I am finally there.... in love with the idea of a little girl coming to our home, and so excited to see tiny fingers toes and have a teensy little body to fall asleep on your chest. Yum.


Girly Momma said...

little girls are so fun! and i really loved the 2nd trimester this go around. enjoy it! old navy is one of my favorite stores.

Lacey Robinson said... are making me baby hungry!!!

Heather Jones said...

feeling the baby move is definetly the best part of being pregnant till the end when it hurts to get kicked!!!Way to look at the positive you sound like you love being pregnant!!!

Veronica said...

Aaaaahhhh, you are making me so excited to meet my new girl in 2 weeks! The movemetna part is so awesome. I never get over how incredible it is!!! You will love having a girl :)

rawhide said...

so, i have no clue about any of those feelings, but i do know how fun it is to hold little, new babies and to smell them!!!! good luck in your next 3 months before she comes......nancy is doing GREAT!!!!! she got married in january to daniel sellers and they bought a fixer upper house in sugarland this summer and it is so cute and perfect for the 2 of them. he is going to school while she is working this semester. i love nancy moore!