Friday, September 28, 2007

Number 1 and Number TWO

If you are currently experiencing morning sickness or have a ready gag-reflex (like my mother-in-law), you may not want to read on.

So Jackson is getting potty trained, and you know what he is a CHAMP. Being the independent little person that he is, wants nothing to do with me in the bathroom and yells things like "Stay back!" "Go away mommy!" and "Don't touch me!" while he does his business. I actually have to leave the room and them come back and check for his deposit before he's flushed. Then he scoots his little stool over to the sink, puts soap on his hands, turns on the water, and proceeds to shake the water off his hands like a wet dog before toweling off. It's really quite impressive overall.
So that is how "number 1" goes.

Number TWO is a different story.
The other day he had already gone number two, so I stupidly and bravely walked to the park with Jackson, honeybabe (our dog), and my cell phone and nothing between his bum and pants, but a thin cotton layer of bob-the-builder underpants. Jackson even used the (nasty) but convenient toilet at the park right as we arrived! "Gosh he is doing so great at this!" I thought.
Halfway through a lovely conversation with my lovely boyless sister-in-law, Jackson proceeds to pull off his shoes, pants and bob-the-builders to reveal a poop-streaked bum and inner thighs.
I run over to do something about this (yes, Natalie wipes would have been very handy at this moment!) and start the chase.
Jackson is yelling and running from me. Of course, he wants to play in the sand some more. How could this not be okay?
Somehow with a fast waddle I manage to tackle him and his wriggling bum and put his pants back on him without getting poo on me. I should seriously get an award for that! That was motherhood at its finest!
Jackson biked home and I carried the poo-filled underwear and Honeybabe's leash, and did not attempt any cell-phone conversations this time!

Story Number 2, about number 2. I'm sure this is very intellectually stimulating so far!
Naptime went so smooth yesterday! Hurray! The little angel yelled so cutely for his mommy to come get him- even though he sleeps in a big-boy bed and is quite capable of climbing out alone!
Uh-oh mommy, I hear and don't even want to look to see.......
Yep. It's worst case scenario in here. A poopy diaper had been removed and the poop had been kindly dumbed out on the carpet. In the meantime his sheets had been streaked with poo, and he had taken his tiny little cast from when he broke his leg when he was 10 months old and literally smeared it in poo! What in the world?
I called Kirtis to ask if I could throw away our little momento of his broken baby leg, I was so conflicted! It was DISGUSTING, but how could I throw away such a memory? We decided I would try to spray it off with a hose, and go from there. That method seemed to work pretty well, and we are going to hang on to it.
So if you ever see a tiny little blue cast in Jackson's room you'll know another story behind it!

If you got through reading this without gagging, YOU are a champ!


Jen said...

I am a champ. I totally got through without gagging even though I am first trimester nauseated. Oh yeah. It probably stems from the fact that my family is full of nurses, and this sort of thing is common dinner conversation, though it's usually about residents at a nursing home. I am sort of dreading the potty training days which are hopefully right around the corner. Good luck, Gina. You're doing a great job!

Jeni said...

Wow, you're supermom! I'm am putting potty training off as long as I possibly can. I would so much rather change diapers, where everything is contained, than deal with poop messes and peeing on the carpet (which Vivi did a lot). I refuse to change a three-year-old's diapers though so the time is coming soon to get started on our next potty training adventure!

Megs said...

Bless you. Sounds like the reunion is going to be a well needed vacation!