Monday, October 8, 2007

The little guy

I chased Jackson around the morning before he started preschool, and finally backed him in the corner by the hose, where he had no choice but to smile for the camera.
I just got these pics off the camera and I was shocked that they actually turned out pretty cute!
He looks so big, it breaks my heart a little. :)

Here's a little cheese for ya.


nettifer said...

what a cute little boy. WHere is he going to preschool? I am searching for next year.

Gina said...

Let me know what you find out, we are just doing a little trade with other moms.

Jen said...

What a little cutie. I detect a small amount of mischief in that smile--must be due to the hose in his hand!

Lacey Robinson said...

Gina...He is so very cute! I can't believe he's big enough to go to preschool...crazy! Time flies huh? I can hardly believe Breckon is as old as he is...I still think of him as my "baby"!

Corinne said...

He is very cute! He does look very grown up.