Thursday, October 11, 2007

Where the green grass grows

Here's our lovely backyard. Big difference from the huge dirt pile that Jackson used to play in. Kirtis got our garden boxes built for next spring, and then we are hoping to put a gate in the back because there is supposed to eventually be a park where there is now a big field behind our house.
Here's a closer up shot. Amazing that these tiny seeds have grown this much in less than a month. This whole "growing stuff" thing we are trying is pretty catchy.

Here's an even closer, close up shot. This is actually one of the more sparse places, but with the rain we had over the weekend, and the sun we've been having, I am a believer.


Lacey Robinson said...

Wow, your backyard is huge!! Did you guys buy a house? where are you living? We really need to catch up!

Veronica said...

That looks AWESOME!!! Did you hydro-mulch? You will love having a back yard! And Jackson looks so cute and ready for preschool. They grow up too dang fast! Come on down and play while Kirtis is away!

Gina said...

Veronica, yeah, we did hydroseed. It seems to be doing pretty well. I can't wait to be able to let Jackson out there to play. That will be such a huge relief!

Lacey, we live in North Salt lake and moved into our house last October. We are loving it!

rangersRus said...


What are you doing??I see your mom and your dad every once in a while! How have you been? I saw your comment on Juliannes blog! How funny- blogs really bring old friends together:) When you come to SL to visit- let me know:)

Peachblossm said...

Hi Gina!

I'm glad i found you. Thanks and kudos go out to Bertie.

You look wonderful!

I want to say that I love you.
You may not remember but once in YW you sat next to me and twirled my hair during the lesson.

It's silly, but that meant SO much to me. I felt so special!

Thank you!!

Jen said...

Congrats on the upcoming lawn. We are doing the same thing on half of ours since we had to replace our main water line a couple months ago. We were agonizing because the seed to all 10 of the 7-10 days to finally come up. But it's there. Yay!