Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wondrous Weekend

So Kirtis and I took a "day off" together and it was heaven!
He leaves for China for ten days on Wednesday, so it was perfect timing.
He had friday off work, and his mom is in town visiting, so she babysat while we went to the temple, shopping, movies, lunch, dinner etc. etc.! It was so nice to do grown-up stuff and not worry about Jackson running around, getting lost, getting hit by a car, or touching and breaking things when we are out and about.
I just feel so relaxed and ready to take on the next couple of weeks while Kirtis is gone.

As for Potty training, it is down the tube for the moment. Jackson is such a strong willed little guy right now, that we just have too many battles. Just getting dressed in the morning is such a fighting-screaming-kicking ordeal, that I can't bring one more fight between the two of us! Plus I can't for the moment handle the thought of any more uncontained poo. Ah, but sometimes when I think I'd like to just trade him in for a 4 year old, he'll sing me a song and put his little arms around my neck and smack a big one right on my lips and say I wuv-oo mommy, and then I think this whole mommy thing is not half bad.


Girly Momma said...

um like i said, i hate potty training. they should make a potty training camp that they can go to and come back trained. and i'm sorry on the no hubby for awhile. that is never fun. i'm glad you got some time away. it's amazing how clear your head can feel when you're not looking after kiddos!

nettifer said...

What a wonderful day with your hubby. My hubby needs a day like that. Can I borrow your grandma :) Call me if you need anything while your hubby is gone for 10 days. Have him bring you back some squeaky shoes from China. THey are adorable and cheaper there then here :)

Heather Jones said...

so fun to have alone time I miss being able to do that with Todd!! It is usually four times a year we get to go out alone with out the kids!! Sounds like you had a blast.