Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christmastime and spanks

Today I got almost all my Christmas shopping done! I just have grandparents and Kirtis left. So that is a big relief! Just 6 more weeks until our little Christmas baby comes! Yeah! I am getting so excited for the holidays, I keep thinking about all the food we are going to eat and what treats I am going to make this year! I can't wait!

Also, this is funny-
I was pouring a cup of juice for Jackson and the cup tipped over and spilled all over the counter and dripped onto the floor. As I'm cleaning it up, Jackson comes to me and says, "No mommy! Don't spill the juice!" Then, he starts SPANKING me! He keeps saying "No mommy, you don't spill the juice, okay!"

I was laughing so hard.

He went through a phase a few months ago when he would always take full cups of juice and milk and intentionally dump them onto the carpet. I guess we reprimanded him pretty badly for it, but at least he doesn't do it anymore! Hopefully he turns out okay and is not too damaged by our "winging it" parenting methods.


nettifer said...

Can you go shopping for me too :) Way to be almost done.

Jackson is so funny! I can't believed his spanked you! M always says to me "I am going to spank you so hard!" I think where did she get that from!

Jen said...

You are so ahead of us. We just barely sat down to list everyone and brainstorm what to buy. And Alex gave away what he is getting for me because he needed my input. Mwa ha ha. Bernina City, here I come!

That is hilarious that your son spanked you.