Thursday, November 8, 2007

Memory Lane

Well, since we got rid of our old slow crappy computer and transferred all our pics onto our sweet new Mac of a computer, we have been traveling down memory lane a bit.
And since my camera is currently holding pictures of halloween and our recent happenings, but is unfortunately hanging on our hooks upstairs, and our sweet new computer is located downstairs, I won't be showing you any pictures of anything recent.

So here's some cute pictures of Jackson back in the day.

Poor little guy was on antibiotics and they couldn't find anymore veins except in his head. His daddy was especially unhappy about that.

This was his first smile, no joke! He started smiling at me and I remember running for the camera. :)

Oh I can't wait for the smell of new baby, and for more pictures of daddy and baby sleeping. (And maybe some sleep in there for me too!)


Jeni said...

You can totally tell that is Jackson! There are a lot of pictures of my kids when they were really tiny that I wouldn't be able to pick out in a line-up of babies. They look SO different, but cute little Jackson is very recognizable.

nettifer said...

So sweet are those pictures! Can you believe you have another one coming! SO excited for her photo session!

Gina said...

Me too! I can't wait to post cute new baby pictures!

Girly Momma said...

that is so great about getting all christmas shopping done. i guess that is a good idea with the baby coming and all. i need to get started on mine so that december isn't crazy!