Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Thousand Splendid Suns

This was a very "heavy" read. Don't read it if you're in the mood for a real "pick me up!" But I still found it fascinating. It basically follows the stories of two women during the past 30 years in Afghanistan. I was worried because I am admittedly very ignorant of middle eastern culture, and wasn't sure I would be able to really follow it. However, I was delighted by how intensely "real" the characters were and I kept thinking how alike we are as humans, regardless of background, culture and religion. If it were a movie it would probably be given at least a PG-13 for some graphic violence and a little sexuality. However, I didn't feel as though it was distasteful. I felt the author was providing us with the details of what it really was like to be a woman in Afghanistan during the different oppressive regimes.
Overall, I really liked it. I've put The Kite Runner, on hold at the library which was Hosseini's first novel, and I'm really interested to read it.


nettifer said...

I LOVED that book. It was so good, so graphic and so real! It will be a movie. You will also love Kite Runner. I read that one first and loved it- just as hard to read and very very sad. That one comes out in a couple of weeks as a movie. I am SOOO going to see it.
Fun talking to you yesterday!
Love ya!

Megs said...

I love the Kite Runner and can't wait to hear what you think. A thousand Splendid Suns is always out at my library, but I hope to read it soon.