Thursday, December 20, 2007

Avery Hill - Video

Avery Kristine Hill has Arrived!

Hello All,

Just a quick post to show some pictures. Avery was born at 5:17 today. She weighed 7lbs. and measured 19 inches with her cone head. Everything went great! Gina did fabulous and didn't have any of the complications that she had with Jackson. Mother and baby are doing great and they are both beautiful. Special thanks to Grandma Hill and Lynette Watts for all your help today!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Approximately 36 hours

....Until I go in to be induced. I must admit I am getting the jitters as I think about the process.
So I am trying hard to not think about THIS part: (Me almost 3 years ago. Smiling naively, having never been through labor before!)

And to focus on THIS part: (This is sweet little one-day-old Jackson, almost 3 years ago.)

I'm trying hard to just think about the baby at the end and not about the way that she will get here! Wish me luck!

Friday, December 14, 2007

If you're cold...

try Stephen's Gourmet Wassail. We picked up a can at Costco and have gone through it pretty quick. This stuff is wicked good. Plus, it makes a cool fizzing sound when you pour it in.

Side note: Don't try to mix it with milk. I experimented and it didn't turn out well.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why Gina is Still Standing

Hello Friends.

I thought this story was pretty entertaining considering Gina is only days away from her scheduled date to induce. I've been wondering how she walks.

Study: Evolutionary Change Lets Pregnant Women Stand Upright

WASHINGTON — With all that growing weight up front, how is it that pregnant women don't lose their balance and topple over?

Scientists think they've found the answer: There are slight differences between women and men in one lower-back vertebra and a joint in the hip, which allow women to adjust their center of gravity.

This elegant evolutionary engineering is seen only in female humans and our immediate ancestors who walked on two feet, but not in chimps and apes, according to a study published in Thursday's journal Nature.

"That's a big load that's pulling you forward," said Liza Shapiro, an anthropology professor at the University of Texas and the only one of the study's three authors who has actually been pregnant. "You experience discomfort. Maybe it would be a lot worse if [the design changes] were not there."

Read the whole story here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hope you're in a good mood mom.....

I'm sure this is what Jackson thought when I discovered THIS downstairs in our basement.
Jackson put me "down for a nap" today. Read me stories, sang me song and even gave me a blankie. I was soooo tired that I actually fell asleep in his bed for a few minutes and didn't think about the ramifications of my almost 3 year old so quiet and unsupervised.
Now I know why he said, "stay in your bed, mom."

Gingerbread house!

We built a gingerbread house for FHE last night. It was so fun and Jackson had such a blast sticking all the candy on!
Thanks to Costco for the all-in-one kit! And to Jen R for the idea!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

More fun in the snow.....

I know there's been a plethora of snow pictures lately, but my boys have really enjoyed their snowy Saturday mornings this month! These are just too cute not to share.

Jackson's first snowman. Dad worked hard on this one.

Don't I have the cutest boys?

Do you think this child could look any happier?

He's totally in his element with a "shobel" in hand.

I mean, look at that grin!


Fun chick read! I just finished it last night. Such a cute story! I'm definitely excited to read more Shannon Hale...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Video Beta Testing

I think Gina was pretty mean. Does that qualify as spousal abuse?

Tis the Season

Hello All. I have just been informed that this is my blog too and that I have the ability to post content. I'll admit, I feel a little strange since most of you reading this are Gina's friends and some have never met me before. However, I am happy to say for the first time in history that one of my friends made a comment. So thank you, Jared Hosenfeld, for helping me claim the blog with my name on it.

We have decided to go a little Charlie Brown this year for Christmas. In years past we have always gone pretty traditional with a 6' full tree. But this year we decided to sacrifice branches for height.

We have a run down store down the road from us called Clems that usually sells almost expired produce and food. But last weekend there big sign read "Christmas Trees, $1.50 a foot". That's all the Hills needed to be sold.

It was snowing like crazy when we went to pick out our tree. And since it was "$1.50 a foot" that also meant dig your own out of the snowy pile.

Needless to say, we didn't look at too many.

But Jackson had a pretty good time.

Hopefully he's not scarred for life from the frostbite.

Friday, December 7, 2007

13 days to baby!

My mom came to town for my Birthday this weekend. We had a blast! She helped me finish the crib bumpers and skirt for the baby's crib, and also got the "sewing bug" into me again!

I had so much fun designing these flowers.

It's actually kind of funny. I really do love to sew, and I'm feeling more confident little by little. But the last time I really made something was when I was pregnant with Jackson, and here I am pregnant again and I'm sewing like crazy. I better hurry and finish these projects before the "sewing hormones" are gone!

Here's my first dress!

I still need to finish sewing the skirt on and also doing the buttonholes in the back. But I'm so happy with how it is looking.