Sunday, December 9, 2007

More fun in the snow.....

I know there's been a plethora of snow pictures lately, but my boys have really enjoyed their snowy Saturday mornings this month! These are just too cute not to share.

Jackson's first snowman. Dad worked hard on this one.

Don't I have the cutest boys?

Do you think this child could look any happier?

He's totally in his element with a "shobel" in hand.

I mean, look at that grin!


nettifer said...

That is so fun! What an awesome saturday morning! He looks like he is having so much fun!
Hope you enjoyed RS today! You did so awesome in the program - thank you!

rangersRus said...

So cute and how fun, how fun, how fun! i need to come play at your house with my kids! Should we make the 557 hour drive?:)

Girly Momma said...

i like the snowman. you won't be seeing that in my front yard. i went to look at christmas lights last night in my shorts. gotta love texas!

Team Covey said...

Gina - your boys rock. Your video blog was HILLarious (get my Hill family joke?) and your tree is gorgeous - absolutely charlie brown darling style.