Tuesday, January 15, 2008

And the not so sweet or cute....

We are still working with J on the transition from diapers to toilet. He has a strange relationship with #2. Here are the places we have discovered the lovely brown stuff:

In a pile on the floor of his bedroom.
Hidden in the floor vent of his bedroom.
Smeared on his bedroom walls.
Holding it in his hand: "Mommy, I went poo! Let's go put it in the potty!"

Strangely, we have yet to find #2 actually in the toilet.


Burk Family said...

Not the bathtub yet? We had one of those tonight!

nettifer said...

Gina you are killing me! It took everything I had to not cry reading this post! In the floor vent! What moms put up with! I have POTTY TRAINING!

Jen said...

This is very discouraging, because we are nearing the beginning of that terrible and wonderful journey around here.

rangersRus said...

Ohhhhh!! Gina! I feel for you! Poor mommy!!