Friday, March 21, 2008

This is the life!

Here's Jackson in his new Lightning McQueen helmet, and knee pads and elbow pads! He loves them!
We got them for him to ride on his "big bike" (Bicycle with training wheels instead of his "Big wheel tricycle") He is starting to get it and it's so fun to watch him learn to do it, but it's definitely harder than his smaller bike.

J fell sound asleep yesterday afternoon watching a movie. He looked so uncomfortable, it hurt me to watch him in this position! (Notice his airplane in hand.)

So I tried to move him into a laying down position on the couch, and he woke up, sat right back up and fell asleep like this:

So funny! We were laughing so hard! Poor little guy, he was SOOO tired!


Bellie said...

I love that picture of him wih his helmet and him doing a little dance move, so funny! It amazes me how these kids manage to fall asleep sometimes, Bri fell asleep the other day day standing with her head against the couch, hehe!

Rhonda said...

I love these pictures!! J looks so great showing off his helmet and pads. I love his sleeping pictures! Too cute.

Amy D. said...

Poor guy! Does he not take an afternoon nap anymore? If not, I feel so sorry for you! Love the helmet and knee pads, by the way. You can see he thinks he's hot stuff!

nettifer said...

those sleeping pictures are killing me! Those are so funny! love the pictures of him in his new get up. I need M to come over and watch jackson ride his bike. she is really into watching kids, but can't get it herself