Sunday, April 20, 2008

Avery in Houston

It seems like Avery grew up so much during the 10 days we were in Houston. She started cooing and "gurgling" more. She started wanting to "play" with toys and grab onto things. She started rolling over! She was interacting so much more too. More smiles and giggles. Grandma and Grandpa just loved on her.Loves her fingers and hands!
Big smiles!
She found her thumb!
The "concerned" face.
Us hanging out enjoying a nice evening one night while Dad was feeling good. I'm so dumb I forgot to get a picture with my parents. My mom was behind the camera the whole time, but she was there too!


Rhonda said...

Thanks for posting these pics of Avery! She is so adorable. Ruby also does a similar "concerned" face. How cute!

Bertie said...

WOW! She has really grown- look at how cute she is:) So adorable!!

Joey & nettifer said...

I am so glad that you got a picture with your dad with both of your smiling and being happy! Love that picture!
Avery of course is adorable!

Amy D. said...

I love all the pink! Aren't girls fun?? She looks darling and so much like you!

Veronica said...

She is getting so big!! Too bad you didn't get a pic with both parents.