Saturday, May 17, 2008


I've had a few friends asking me about deals lately. So here's some info for those of you who are interested.

You can spend a lot of time chasing around deals. I have started trying to save a little more money here and there, so we can spend less on necessities and have more money for fun (and gas!).
Here's a couple things that are pretty simple to start doing and don't take up too much of my time.

1. Start doing drug store rebate programs. Walgreens and Rite Aid offer Free Items by rebate every month. Things from lightbulbs, to shampoo and toothpaste.
Walgreens' program is called "Easy Saver", and Rite Aid's is called "Single Check Rebates". Check out their websites for more info.

2. Look at store ads before you shop to find the best deals. I pretty much only shop at 1 or 2 stores, but if I know what's a good deal before I go in, I stock up on those items that day.
I've created a bookmark called "Store Ads" where I can look at different store ads in the area online. (I can't handle keeping track of lots of paper ads!)

****Check out
Click on "Grocery Guide". You can put in your zip code and it will show you the best deals at stores in your area, and also coupons that go with those items!****

3. Subscribe to blogs that tell you about deals that are going on. Takes all the work out of it!
Here's a few I subscribe to:

Peapod Bargains(She's in Texas, so not everything applies to me)
Utah Shopping Secrets
Also this post about feeding a family of 8 for $300/month was very helpful.

Do any of you have any money-saving tips? Know of any cool websites or blogs? I definitely feel like a "novice" when it comes to deal-finding, so please share your tips in the comments sections!


Megs said...

I am impressed with your deal findings!! I will look into it because we have a Walgreens in Seattle. I will get into it ever more in the fall when I have a car and easier access to stores. You are super smart and thanks for all the links.

JaNae said...

Thanks for the tips and the kick in the pants. I need to put more effort into saving $...sometimes I just wonder if all the effort is worth the couple dollars I save. But maybe with your training it can be more than a couple dollars and thus more worth the effort! Thanks!

Nanette said...

I'm subscribed to Smith's email list, and I get an email each time their weekly ad comes out. I found out some disturbing information though. I read that some of the ads in the weekly circulars are only there because advertisers pay to have their product featured, not because that particular product is actually any cheaper. So, read those ads with a grain of salt!!

Jen said... is good for coupons when shopping online. We got a free shipping coupon code from Victoria's Secret at Christmas (my sis and I always order a ton of lotion then spend half an hour on the phone getting off the mailing list. It's growing into a tradition.) Anyway, you can just put in the name of whatever vendor you want to look at and it will tell you any deals that are going on.

Amy D. said...

Neat post, Gina! I've got to look into these. Your kiddos are looking cuter than ever. Little Avery is so big.