Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Prayer works!

Saturday night I lost Kirtis' keys. I had borrowed them earlier in the day and didn't remember what I did with them. He really needed them because his church keys were on there and he had some things he needed to do at the church that night for his calling.
So, instead of continuing to rummage around the house and look in all the same places over and over again. I decided I would pray to find them. I know it's so "cliche" right, but it works EVERY TIME for me. So little Avery was on the floor, and I knelt down and held her as I prayed. I looked up from my prayer and noticed a binky under the TV stand. Then I thought, I wonder if there's more binkies under the couches? I turned around and looked under the ottoman, and there were the keys. Not 30 seconds after praying! I love how our Father in Heaven cares about all the little things in our lives. And if it matters to us, it matters to him.


Burk Family said...

I think that is so great that you are getting back to the basics in so many ways (food and prayer). I forget to use this simple tool (prayer) too many times in my life. Then someone will suggest, "Hey, why don't you ask for a blessing?" or "Have you prayed about it?" and I'm going, "DRR. I'm an idiot."
Your dad's blog made me cry. It was so sweet. He is such a sweet man and I just am really feeling for your family (especially your mother) right now. I know my parents will try to help as much as possible. I wish I could do more! Just remember, "don't forget to pray!"

Wayne & Margo said...

Love when people share story like that. I know that is such a simple thing to do just kneel down and pray. I have experienced it many times in my life and sometimes we take it for granted. Thanks for sharing. Very upflifting. You are so right Heavenly Father truly cares about us his children.

Girly Momma said...

isn't prayer a great thing. it's great when we realize things that really are answers to prayers. also, i'm sorry to hear about your dad. that has to be really hard.