Monday, June 9, 2008

Catch up blogging!

So this week my goal is to get caught up on my blogging! So I will be posting about our past months adventures throughout the week!

On May 4th we went hiking up behind the Bountiful temple. We love it. Two summers ago we went hiking all the time and just carried Jackson in the backpack. Now he is so big and loves to hike all on his own. Avery loves being in the Bjorn, so it's perfect.

Jackson is pretty hilarious. While we were hiking he kept saying, "I see another river!" He had a hard time understanding that it was the same river we were seeing every time, just different parts of it.

Here's sweet little Avery.

Jackson loves his daddy. He is always saying things like, "When I grow up big like a daddy...."

He loves oranges too!

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