Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dallas Trip

The week after the funeral, our little family decided to take a little "tour de texas". We've always said that Dallas sounded like a great place to end up, but hadn't really spent much time there. We love Texas and like that Dallas is a little smaller than Houston and a little less humid!
So we last minute booked a hotel on priceline and stayed at the Hyatt in downtown Dallas!
We had an amazing view of the Dallas skyline from our hotel room!
A storm was rolling in, so it made for some cool pictures. The JFK Memorial Park. Again, view from our hotel room!My cute guys!
This is the old textbook conservatory building, where a shot was fired at JFK. Me and Jackson. You can see the "grassy knoll" in the background.Kirtis is a big history buff, so he loved seeing where everything actually happened. The "X" in the road marks where JFK was shot.

This is the JFK memorial, I thought it was kind of a funky memorial. So 70's!

Dallas was really fun. We drove around and looked at the suburbs and loved the quiet streets and big trees. We ate dinner downtown and it was dead! I guess Dallas doesn't have a huge night life. The next morning, we took off for San Antonio....


Veldon and Joyce said...

You all should be Texans. Come on down. The view from your room - amazing. The pics look like postcards.

Margo Munanui said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun in Texas. Love the pictures of Sea World and love the view from your hotel. I'm glad you had a great time!