Thursday, June 26, 2008

A few ways we've been spending our days lately.

Laundry. (It's never-ending.)
Thomas the Tank Engine.

Playing Games.
More games.
Staring into these blue eyes.

Hello, baby!

Taking Jackson to his summer class.

(He LOVES it!)

Watching Jackson play at the park. (While I enjoy a book in the shade with baby!)


Melanie said...

That's funny, I just put a post on mine about laundry too! Although your laundry room looks a lot cleaner than mine! I hope to change that by the end of the day after my 4 loads to do! And don't you just love summer and being able to just hang out all day?!?

Rhonda said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun time. I love the pictures of Avery. Keep 'em coming!

Joey & nettifer said...

Oh your summer looks fun! Madelyn has been talking non stop about going to see the fish with Jackson!

Megs said...

Avery looks like a Messick to me and she is so cute. Glad you are enjoying the outdoors.

Jen said...

I hate laundry, but I love big blue eyes and playgrounds. Both of my babes are brown-eyed. Maybe if we just keep popping them out Alex's blue will come through.

Amy said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun summer days. And I love Rummikub! I loved the pics of your dad's funeral. There are so many sad things about his passing, I'm sure, but also such peace. So grateful for the gospel!