Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sea World San Antonio

Yeah! We were so excited to get to Sea World! I have been wanting to take Jackson here for the longest time. He loves whales, dolphins, sharks, fish and all sea life, so I knew he would love it!
Look at that big cheesy grin!

Beluga Whale. So beautiful!

Go Shamu!
That night, we met our old friends from the Avenues (The Martinez family) for dinner and had such a fun time. I love the ambiance of the River Walk. There are Mariachi (sp?) bands serenading you while you eat and just tons of people walking around and enjoying the evening.

While we waited for our friends, Jackson kept busy throwing rocks in the river. The cheesy grin again.This was the look on his face right after he would throw a rock and it would splash! He's hilarious.

Avery was there too!
Sea World Day Two:
We woke up and I put Avery in her car seat while we were getting ready and she surprised us by sitting up on her own! So big!

Jackson's all ready for more fun in Daddy's sunglasses.
More Shamu! We sat up close the second day so we could be splashed! It was so fun to be so close to these amazing creatures, but Jackson got so mad when he got wet! He was crying and Kirtis and I were just laughing. Aren't we terrible?

We also fed dolphins and birds and Kirtis took Jackson on the log ride, but Jackson hated it. He kept saying, "Daddy, hold me tighter!!" We would ask Jackson if he wanted to go on any of the big roller coaster rides and he would VERY quickly say NO!
Both kids were exhausted by the end! Jackson got his big whale, so it was all worth it for him! We had a nice 3 hour drive back to Grandma's while the kids slept.


Veldon and Joyce said...

I love San Antonio! Glad you had such a great time there.

Bellie said...

I love Sea World! We are actually going to Sea World Olando at the end of the month and I am so excited to take lil Bri. I love the cheesy smile picture, he looks super happy to be there, so cute!!

I am so happy we got our VT done so early in the month, I have never done it this early before, thanks for setting up the appointments :)

bethany said...

I love the Riverwalk-there are some fabulous Mexican restaurants along the river!! Glad you guys had a wonderful time...I've wondered if Jakson would like Sea World-maybe we'll wait to take him when he's a little bigger, like your Jackson's age..
Here's that link (I need to add tags to my blog so things are easier to find):

Dave and Stephanie said...

so fun!! jackson looks so big. especially in the first picture.

Joey & nettifer said...

OH we love Sea World. You can go and go and go and never see the same thing again. Love that place. So glad you guys got to go and love the stuffed animal Jackson picked. He looked so happy in that picture.
I love the river rock. that was my favorite thing while I was San Antonio and I think I got M's picture take in the exact same place as Jackson - the lighting there is amazing - does that make me sound like a nerd?

Michelle said...

Glad you had such a good time! If only I could have come and said hi to you guys! Like I mentioned before, I live about 6 miles from Sea World! Shucks!