Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome to Virginia Party

Grandma and Grandpa made sure we felt welcomed to Virginia! They especially wanted to make sure Jackson would feel welcome, because he loved his house and his friends in Utah so much. In fact, Jackson was so looking forward to the party that Grandma and Grandpa Hill were going to throw for him, that when we would stop driving for the night, he would start crying and say, "No! We've got to keep drivin'" "We've got to go to grandma's house!" I don't know who was more hard core, him or his dad, but drive we did!
Here's him with the cake Grandma made for him. He LOOOOOOVES dora and diego.

Our friends Jason and Melissa hanging out with us.

Jason, learning his wii fit age.

Me, showing them how Guitar Hero is really done!

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Joey, nettifer and Madelyn said...

I love seeing pics of Jackson - so glad he got to have a fun welcome party! What a cute idea. Yeah for Wii fit- love that game and guitar hero is awesome!