Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hand Foot and Mouth

I wrote this post on August 1st! Oh my. I am so behind. :)

That's right. If you've never heard of hand foot and mouth disease, we can now tell you first hand about it! It's a highly contagious viral disease common in children. They get sores in their mouth, hands and feet, in any combination. Jackson has it in his mouth, but not on his hands or feet. It is WAY bad in his mouth! His tongue is swollen and he wouldn't even open his mouth to talk or eat or drink all day yesterday. Finally we got him to start drinking root beer last night, so I am not so worried about dehydration.
The worst part is that Jackson played with a new friend on Wednesday. That morning he woke up kind of irratable, but not at all sick, no fever, just kind of whiny. So I let him go play, thinking he just needed to get out of the house. So now, he is WAY sick. Turns out he is ALLERGIC to the virus, so he has broken out in hives from head to toe.
Here they have gone out of their way to welcome and what do we give them back? Hives!
Ahh. It's never dull with kids!
Hopefully Jackson and his new buddy will be feeling better soon. Right now he's a pretty sad little boy. I'm ready to have my active, talkative little guy back!

Since we were home all day, Jackson got into the markers and drew all over himself, then came and told me that he was a tiger. More joys!


JaNae said...

And the nice thing Gina didn't say was that our kids probably gave it to Jackson...we didn't know we had it until a couple days after we played. Guess it's burning through all the kids in our area...welcome to the east!

Tammy Messick said...

Sad! At first I thought the green marker on Jackson was a physical manifestation of his disease! I was totally freaked out by the green hand foot and mouth virus=)

Joey and Nettifer said...

Oh that makes me so sad! Darn it. Poor little Jackson - you know his little buddy will never forget that story how one day his friend gave him mouth & foot virus.
Glad he is feeling some what better and I have to say he makes a cute tiger.

Jen said...

Love the new blog look. Grace is coloring on EVERY THING! Jackson is an awesome green tiger.

Thanks for the cute summer pic. Real mail from real people is priceless and fabulous.

Brooke said...

No worries about the hives. I'm just glad that the issue was that he wasn't feeling well and that he wasn't bored playing at our house. I wondered if something was up when he just decided to lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling. At first I thought, "Man, we're boring this kid to death."