Friday, August 1, 2008

The Road Trip

Here are some pictures from our 30 hour road trip to Virginia. The kids were such good travelers! Kirtis was hardcore an we left Wednesday night, slept in Des Moines I0wa, and got there Friday night at 4 am. It was exciting for me because we got to drive through a lot of states that I had never been to. Too bad the prettiest ones (PA, WV) were in the middle of the night, so we didn't see much more than the reflectors on the road! Oh well, we'll be back!
This is me and Avery Jane in Iowa.She was seriously such a good baby! She only cried a few times.
Jackson got good at sleeping in his new car seat. When the kids would be asleep we would just keep driving and driving as long as we could. Here are some of his positions:

This is my favorite! Those are the headphones he wore to listen to his movies (so we could listen to our own stuff in the front!) (Of course I can't get it to rotate! It's rotated in iphoto, but when I click to upload it isn't! Dang!)
We had fun, but mostly we were just glad to get there!

Thanks again to Jason and Melissa for being such amazing friends and driving the truck out for us. We love you guys!


Lacey Robinson said...

I can't believe you guys drove 30 hours with your're either crazy or you have really well behaved kids! We are flying!!!

Jen said...

Wow, that is a long drive. We drove to Layton and back yesterday for a wedding, and I thought I would die. I'm glad your kids were good for you.

Jennifer said...

I am glad you guys are there safely! Such cute pictures! I am glad the kids cooperated for the road trip. I love your beautiful family pictures from the post before. What a gorgeous family! We miss you guys!!

Bellie said...

That's amazing you drove all that way, I am glad you made it okay. Love the pictures of the sleeping positions, it's awesome he did so well when we drive to Vegas Bri does not do so well, hehe!

Amy said...

30 hours????? Oh my gosh! That's nuts and I'm so happy for you that your kids were so good. Jackson's sleeping positions made me laugh so hard, especially the last one. Poor guy. Your other posts were fun too. Your family pics turned out really nicely. Your family is so cute.