Friday, August 29, 2008

Tour de la casa

So, a few have wanted to see pictures of our townhome here, and I will post a few. I have to say, we actually like it quite a bit, now that we are getting settled. Here are a few pics.
BedroomI love this photo montage. I finally got wedding pics, engagement pics and current pics up in the bedroom!
Hello, bathtub. I'm a big fan of bathtubs.
Could be my favorite part of this place. This picture does not even capture how huge this closet is!
View out the back of the house.
View to the side- (so colonial!)
Notice the playground in the far left of the picture. (That's right, it's right across the street from us!)


Audrey said...

It's really big for a townhouse!

Kristin and Joe said...

So fun to see pictures of where you live Gina! I love it! So darling!! I miss you!

Joyce said...

Loved the tour! Can hardly wait to see it for real.

Kristen said...

Can we trade houses? I looks so big! Glad to have you here. We need to get together now that I can have my head back on my shoulders.

Margo Munanui said...

That place is huge! I love hardwood floor. I am glad you are all settled and loving there. Avery is so cute crawling.

Joey and Nettifer said...

Your house is so nice- thanks for sharing. You are such a good decorator and what an upgrade! Love how close the playground is and love all the flags waving! Beautiful!

Rhonda said...

This is so nice! I love your photo montage. Way to go at getting the house looking so nice and decorated!

Amy said...

The house is lovely. I really like the decorating too. You guys have been busy since arriving! Lots of fun outings, etc. Avery is looking cuter than ever. I can't believe four teeth at once. She must've been miserable. Dallin, at 17 mos., just got his sixth tooth. I wonder if he'll just still keep getting them slowly or if he'll pull an Avery and get lots at the same time. As for now, he's pretty toothless.

Beverly said...

I love your place. so cute! looks like you found yourselves a very nice community.
just a word of caution... I'd take off the last picture or at least blur the road sign. I was able to figure out where you lived almost exactly from the pictures and google maps.
sorry I'm just a security geek about what to post and what not to post online. I blame it on my husband. ;)