Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Virginia is for Lovers

1. Trees. That is one of the main things I just love.

2. RAIN. I love a good rain, and also the thunder and lightning that goes along with it!

3. People
I was warned that people can be quite "rude". But so far, from neighbors to checkers, the majority of people have been quite friendly. Maybe it's because I always have 2 kids with me. And Avery is so cute, she can soften anyone's heart. I even had someone walk by me in the grocery store and say, "good job." I guess they don't see babies that often!
The people in our ward have been so welcoming! We are already feeling at home and making friends. We love it.

4. Haymarket. This little town is just about 2 minutes away from our house! I love love love the quaintness!
We went to the Haymarket farmer's market on Saturday. It consisted of one grower named Shirley. I love the small town podunkness of that!

5. Being 30 minutes to an hour (depending on traffic) from DC. I love the history!

6. Walking distance to the pool. I could go every day.

7. Family: My brother's family only 30 minutes away, and grandma and grandpa hill only 5!

Some things that I'm adjusting to:

1. Sticker shock. $4 is a good price for milk? I just plan on every trip to the grocery store being about double what I expect. Yikes!

2. Gas stations named "Sheetz" and "Wa wa". Are you serious?

3. Finding my way. I've got to google map everything! No more easy coordinate system like Salt Lake. But, I also love all the old winding roads.

4. Townhome living. Lots of stair climbing. And 4 bathrooms to clean!


Amy said...

I liked reading all about your new area and what you think of it so far. It sounds cool. I've never been to VA. Maybe someday. If we get to move to Boston, I'm preparing myself for everything being much more pricey - something I'll still probably die over when it actually comes.

Robyn/Lauren said...

It's great that you guys are here! Call me if you're lost! When we first moved here, I used to always call Peter to look up where I was and give me directions to get home. All the trees won't look the same forever! ---Robyn