Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cute cousins

We had a fun wii party with Ryan and JaNae's family last weekend. Anytime you get 5 little kids together, it is bound to be crazy but it was so much fun! Ryan made hand tossed pizza dough, and Kirtis made alfredo sauce to go on one of the pizzas. It was so yummy. (We started a diet the next monday!)

Jackson and Hayley are learning how to play together. Jackson is such a boy and instead of saying, "do you want to play?" just goes up and slugs you. Of course, this does not go over well, but Hayley is a good sport and is learning to just chase him, or wrestle him down! Go Hayley! No pictures of these two- I think they were running around most of the night!Avery Jane and Alice played together so cute! And little Maya is a doll.

Not too bad Ryan and Janae!

(Anyone with a mac having this problem? I rotate my pics in iphoto, but when I go to uploaded, they are not rotated! So frustrating, and I can't figure it out! Help if you can, thanks!)


Paul and Nancy Garner said...

Gina!! how are you, this is JaNae's little sis! I love looking at your blog and reading your adventures! I am jealous you are in virginia and I am not, but I guess we are living in Hawaii at moment so I can't complain! So we have a mac too and I just realized that I had this problem the other day with rotating the pictures. I have not yet asked my husband to figure it out, but I started just rotateing it in iphot, then dragging to the desktop and then added the photo from there. It seemed to work. Also I want to use photoscape like every other Messick girl but it will not download in the right format on you know how I can do that collage of pictures on a mac without photoscape! Anyway, I really do love macs, it is just the world has not yet caught up to them! Hope all is well. xxx Nancy

owen said...

Gina and Kirtis,

Thank you so much for sending us your "happy summer" card - we really enjoyed it and are also really enjoying this blog of yours. We are working on one, but can't quite get it to look as nice as some of the others we are seeing. We had a wonderful visit with Tammy here. It is comparatively quiet now that all of our summer guests have returned to the US. Keep in touch. Love - Shanghai Messick

Amy said...

Those two babies looke a bit a like, especially in the eyes. Are they Messick eyes?? Cute, cute.