Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I've learned to not have too high of expectations for halloween. Today it entailed, cleaning out the van (it's been on my to-do list for a MONTH!), swinging at the park, going to Kohl's with my little sister, and taking a nap! Tonight Kirtis will make his chili and we will carve a pumpkin and hit up a couple houses for candy. But honestly, I'm already halloween-ed out!

We've already had 2 halloween parties this week. Works for me! I'm suffering from snicker-bar induced sugar highs and lows. Let's be honest. I don't have much more self control than my three year old when it comes to snicker-bars. I'll be so glad when that last lucky trick-r-treater comes to our house and gets every last piece of candy in our house! Yeah!

Hope these dragons practicing their "fire-breathing" don't scare you too bad. It's pretty much been the theme of the last month around here and Avery has caught on.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Call me crazy....

but I looooove Mondays.
It's a totally fresh start with new possibilities. Every Monday I embark on a new set of abstract goals such as: this week I'll make dinner, hold family home evening, exercise and actually get my house clean, and maybe even do my hair! Of course, by about Wednesday I am filled with guilt for my lack of following through as life (Jackson and Avery!!) get in the way. But on Monday- I have done no wrong!
Okay, off to my laundry!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Milestone: Climbs Stairs!

Avery has climbed up a couple stairs before, but today I was downstairs on the computer and Kirtis was upstairs. Avery was playing downstairs, then Kirtis yells down and asked if I had brought Avery upstairs. Turns out she crawled all the way up! Way to go baby. You could tell she was so proud of herself!! Now we have to watch out even more! She is a mover. Love her!

Hiking in the fall Leaves

On Saturday we went for a hike close to our house. Jackson had fun collecting different colored leaves. We hiked 2.5 miles, and he walked the whole way! Way to go bud. Jackson has a funky wandering eye... it's been getting worse lately, you can tell in this picture.
Our sweet baby. She is so contented.

Balancing act!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A day at Cox Farms

So we took off Friday morning to go to Cox Farms. I was picturing a hayride and seeing some farm animals, then picking out a pumpkin. Instead we got animals, hayride and a preschoolers dreamland. There were slides and piles of hay to play on ALL over the place. Jackson was in heaven.
Us with Bessie. You could actually try to milk a cow if you wanted! Poor Bessie. I wouldn't want preschoolers near my nether regions if I were her.
Jackson entering the dinosaur slide. (one of a bazzilion!)
ROWR! Are you scared yet? Jackson is beyond obsessed with dinosaurs right now. Most days he is "spike the dinosaur" but other days he is a cougar or a dragon. So watch out!
Of course, only the adults are looking at the camera!

Thank you Grandma for such a fun day! We love you!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A few more...

4. We are in love with this site. I think it may have seriously changed our life.

5. Eli Stone
You must watch this show! Tuesdays at 10/9C. ABC only ordered 4 more episodes...but it's such a great show. It's all about faith, faith, faith....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A few things on my mind

1. Tammy's blog. My little sister has a natural knack for the artistic. I love hearing about the city through her eyes.

2. These blocks. I want to make these so bad.

I think they'd be cute right above this:
With all the cute things coming home from preschool- we are running out of fridge space!

3. zi ufj i 5k k lo 3 hhb
VVV GH VYRMFCXV joklj yHmyujsd4iujs 543idj 4irewdj
Avery says hi. sdlfm um, x

Friday, October 10, 2008

Photo shoot

I took Avery outside before dusk to take a few shots of her. She's in this so-stinkin-cute age where we wish we had a camera on her like 24/7. I remember feeling that way about Jackson too.

And then our buddy Cole brought by a "birthday-tation!" This was so exciting!
Busy little Truman was happy to sit next to Avery Jane....
....while their older brothers rode bikes in the culdesac and mommies and daddies talked.

This is for the grandparents:

This will cheer you up!

This is sheer visual happiness!
EepyBird's Sticky Note experiment from Eepybird on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I love bare behinds. least on this little babe!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Festival at Battlefield HS

Saturday morning we went over to the high school for their fall festival. Jackson got to do a petting zoo, ride a horse, and play on firetruck slide. We all had fun enjoying the beautiful day!

This child is so hard to take pictures of. Now I know to get him to grin we just need to stick him on a horse! I've always thought we should just move out to a farm and he would be the happiest kid alive. :)

Jackson is finally getting fearless on these giant jumpy slides. He would just get to the top and jump down not waiting for any of the kids in front of him. He tried all different ways too- head first, and on the tummy. He had such a blast. It was worth the buck!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Jackson's sports class

Last week, they did basketball in Jackson's sports mix class and I brought my camera along. Love the action in this photo- even if it is blurry!
Jackson's teacher is really good with all these little active boys!
Jackson is one of the youngest in his class (it's for ages 3-5) and has been a little scared to come, but he has been such a good sport and is trying hard to do things he hasn't done before.

Okay, I think this video is hilarious- he hates dribbling because the ball always gets away from him!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Me and Dad. 1981
Me and Dad, 1981. Okay, Avery looks just like me as a baby, don't you think?
Me and Dad 1985. I still have chubby knees!

Last night, a friend mentioned that Avery would be going into nursery next year at church (she teaches nursery and was adding up how many children would be joining the class next year when they turn 18 months). I was in absolute denial that that would ever happen. I was actually SHOCKED that in less than a year she would be old enough to go to nursery! That combined with telling several people in casual conversation that my dad had recently passed away, seemed to leave me in a pretty volatile emotional state for the evening! I got home a wreck, my heart bursting with happiness and sadness at the same time. NO! I told Kirtis. Avery will NOT grow up! She cannot. It is not okay with me. She will stay a perfectly heavenly baby forever. My dad held her on his lap while we pushed him in his wheelchair. He held her as a newborn. When I found out Dad had passed, I had her sweet soft fresh skin to press against my tear-stained cheeks. Her new fresh-from-heaven eyes have been my connection to my dad, my gift from a loving heavenly father to help ease the pain of my dad's passing.
But life moves forward. Babies grow up. Parents die. All of this growth is part of an amazing eternal plan. But for now, we hurt and miss and ache because we love and have loved.

Dad, October 2006

I miss you, Dad.

Avery Jane Update

Avery had her 9 month appointment yesterday.
She weighed 18.5 lbs. She is right at the 50th percentile.

She just started waving and is always babbling- "mamamama" "babababa" and "dadadada". She is at that chubby squeezable baby phase. I just LOVE it.
We cannot get enough of her!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jackson- ism

To his preschool teacher, after she intervened to help him and another boy share:
"Mrs. Meader, let's not make a scene!"

This boy is not afraid of anybody. He will boss you around no matter how old you are! He's always telling adults- "No, you don't talk to me like that!" We are working on this- it doesn't go over well with a lot of people! At least we know he won't grow up to be a push-over! So if it happens to you, please just remember he is only three!