Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Festival at Battlefield HS

Saturday morning we went over to the high school for their fall festival. Jackson got to do a petting zoo, ride a horse, and play on firetruck slide. We all had fun enjoying the beautiful day!

This child is so hard to take pictures of. Now I know to get him to grin we just need to stick him on a horse! I've always thought we should just move out to a farm and he would be the happiest kid alive. :)

Jackson is finally getting fearless on these giant jumpy slides. He would just get to the top and jump down not waiting for any of the kids in front of him. He tried all different ways too- head first, and on the tummy. He had such a blast. It was worth the buck!


Joyce said...

Jackson would love all the animals and excitement of a farm. He looks so happy on that horse.

Bertie said...

What a cute little boy!! He looks right at home on that horse- with cowboy hat and all! So cute:)

Goose said...

Is that Kirtis' arm with the skull tattoo at the petting zoo part of the festival? Kidding. Looks like it was a lot of fun for you guys!

Gina said...

Ha ha- yeah the cowboy was nice enough to hold the goat so J could pet him! There was another little boy in there (one of the cowboy's kids) who was running around and jumping on the goats (the goats were not a big fan of it!)

Margo Munanui said...

Love Jackson's face underneath the cowboy hat riding the horse. He looks so happy and proud of himself. What a cutie. Glad that he loves sport what a fun thing for him to do. I love your Etsy headband. You are so talented Miss Martha.

paulandjenthatcher said...

Gina! I miss you! I thought of you a few times today, and should have just called, but instead, here I am catching up with you on your blog instead!
It's crazy to think that you move away and life continues to move on without us! I hope all is well and that you like your new place.
Avery is growing up so fast! She does look so much like you as a baby. Oh, and I loved the stuff on Etsy. I kept wondering, "Did Gina really make this stuff?" I guess you did! Where do you find the time, and how do you do it so perfectly? I think I'll try making a headband like yours. If it doesn't work out, I'll be buying one from you! Hope that goes well for you! Let's talk soon! Love, Jen