Saturday, November 29, 2008

Avery Walks, and I love you, Nikon.

We've taken about 14,000 pictures in the last 72 hours thanks to our new Nikon D60. (Okay, that's maybe a bit exaggerated.) Our baby started walking Tuesday night, and her daddy couldn't hold out any longer. So we headed to Costco and bought it! And it was $100 cheaper than last time we looked. Definitely a sign!! Here's the little bug that started all of this:

I am so excited for her to be walking,but so sad that she's growing up! She was a brand new fresh baby like 5 minutes ago. If only time could stand still a little while!

Moving on, Thanksgiving morning my little sister snapped some spontaneous family pictures of us. (I grabbed Jackson from the playground and threw a shirt and sweater on him!)
We started, here at the park.

Then, we started desperately looking for some shade, because there were too many shadows. That's where the Turner's porch came in handy! (Sorry, Brooke, for the drop-in!)That was much better. But this location was my favorite!


Tammy Messick said...

The last photo turned out great!

Joyce said...

I want to play with your Nikon while I am there for Xmas. I looked at the new D90 in Sugar Land and in Singapore.
It has to be so cute to have A walking while she is still so little. Great family photo.

melbel said...

Cute pictures! I love it! I am loving that you got a D60 - I've been looking for about 6 months. I'm like your mom eye is on the D90 and if I play my cards right, I could save and get it for next Christmas!! I can't believe Avery's already walking. They grow up too fast.

Rhonda said...

Love all of the family pics! Those ones of A walking are so cute! Can't wait to get these babies together again!

Jen said...

Those are all lovely, but the last is my favorite too. Congrats on your new camera. If I didn't already have a few Cannon lenses I would switch to Nikon next time. I just feel like I always like the color in their pics.

Brooke said...

No worries about the drop in. Now you've seen me in my Christmas jammies--lucky, lucky you! We need to form a photography group. :)

Joey and Nettifer said...

Oh sweet baby girl for walking! GOod job Avery - aren't you still little? Stop growing up so fast!

Love the camera - way to go guys!