Monday, November 24, 2008

Contest Winners!!

I used to generate 4 random numbers. I had to compile a list because this was my first contest and I wasn't very clear I gathered comments from my 1000markets shop, and the posts on this blog. What I'm saying people is that it was all completely unbiased and fair! No favoritism here. :)

And the winners are:
Brown felt hair clip goes to:

Clippies go to:

The headband goes to

And the dress to

The Dowdy Family!

Thanks everyone for playing! I appreciate all your support!

WINNERS: Email me at ginakhill(at)gmail(dot)com with your address, and I'll get those sent ASAP.


Bertie said...

I know it wasn't biased- because if it was you would have DEFINITELY picked me to win:) I guess I'll just have to be stopping by your shop to buy some gifts then:)

Brooke said...

Hooray for Angie! I can't wait to see the clip in Ash's hair. :)