Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas catchup

A visit from Santa. We have special connections with the man up north. I love the screaming Santa picture. Just glad I didn't wait in line an hour for it!
Here's the kids Christmas morning.

Checking out the new toys. It was a dinosaur and dragon Christmas.
Pure joy!
Loved having mom and Tammy with us. (Even though mom got the 24 hour bug! Merry Christmas!!)


Brooke said...

I love the 'pure joy' picture of Jackson. That bug was awful. I hope it's gone for good.

Amy said...

that pic of Jackson is priceless. Avery is getting so big since we last saw her in June.

Joey and Nettifer said...

I should say it was a dinosaur dragon christmas! Madelyn would love that - we should get together to let them play :)

Both Ben & Madelyn always say - Jackson use to live there but now he lives in Virginia - so cute - they haven't forgotten there little buddy!