Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A New Gig

Well, my darling friend from elementary school, Bethany of Love, September, has asked me to help her with new etsy giveaway site.

I, of course, jumped at the chance!
She's been selling on etsy for over a year and already has developed so many relationships with customers and sellers. Plus, she sells the cutest stuff! I love her play stuff for kids.

The more I "surf around" on etsy, the more I am convinced that I may never go into a store for a gift again!
You can get nearly everything there.
(Tiny Pool Earrings from esdesigns)

(Cottage Zipper Pouch from isew)

And the best part is that it's unique,
handmade with love, and usually very affordable.

(Thumbtacks from fabricfarrago)

Anyway, I am excited to host giveaways and help promote many talented artisans and crafters through this venue.
So check out the new blog at

Did I mention you could find it here?


bethany said...

Yea!!-this is going to be more fun than the time we watched the Houston Rockets win the NBA Championships!!

Does that age us or what?!?

Leslie said...

hey gina! i posted about your shop yesterday. wish you well!