Friday, March 6, 2009

Photographic Attempts: Part 3, Jackson and Avery

I promise this is the last of these! Hopefully the warm weather tomorrow will give us something more exciting to blog about soon!

The first picture- a decent one, before they got antsy.
Avery's got a white chocolate chip in her mouth- I had to bribe her to stay happy since I took her binky away!
This is them! Nuf said.

Here they are both staring at the white chocolate chip that I am holding up over my head. It's all about the bribery people.
Okay, they just want candy. Session over. :)


Margo said...

Those pictures attempt are so cute. Wow Avery has grown so much and she is sooo cute. Jackson looks like he is such a big boy now way older than his real age. You are so brave taking pictures of your kids. I've giving up long time ago.

Jen said...

These are very darling kids and pictures. I am wondering if a little piece of masking tape or ribbon would get rid of that light line from the blinds on your backdrop? I was trying to think of constructive comments on your pictures but they are all so cute that is all I can think of.