Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What the kids are saying

I just have to write down a couple things the kids say for posterity's sake, and before I forget about them.

Instead of saying "each other" Jackson ALWAYS says "heavenlych-other". As in, "Avery and I really love "heavnlychother" huh, mom." I think it's so cute. So listen closely next time you talk to him.

Also, Jackson has perfect faith. We've been planting some veggies in pots on our deck and we check on them several times a day! One plant didn't get planted in time, and died. Jackson said an entire prayer that it would come back to life.
So sweet. He also demands we sing their preschool prayer song, "God our father" complete with sign language before each meal.
I even catch him singing primary songs to himself at times. He's such a good little boy.

Avery, well, she doesn't really talk yet, but she sure does make cute sounds. She's always making this nasally/chirping sound (hard to describe). I promise it is more cute than gross. She's kind of like a little bird chirping away. She's so happy and she's started nodding when we ask her questions. Her vocab consists of "mama", "dada", "jaja", "baba-a-baba" (grandma and grandpa) and "more".
I just love this toddling and bouncing around age. Her and Jackson have started playing more- they love to chase each other and give hugs and kisses.

I feel so blessed to have such sweet kids.


Veronica said...

I can't get over how much the kids are looking alike now days! They must have the same parents :) Don't you love how they get older and become friends? My kids are insperable!

Amy said...

I love the things kids say! They come up with the funniest stuff. These days Emily puts -ed endings on stuff that she already did put the -ed ending on, like "Dallin crieded today." or "He loveded it!". It's pretty funny.