Friday, May 22, 2009

Which one is your fave?

Since my mom is in town, we planned a little photo session with her. Despite the uncooperative kids, and a camera she had never used before, we got some cute shots!
We found this old church when we went exploring in Haymarket.


We took these pictures on our recent trip to Thailand.
JK! We found this random bamboo patch in Haymarket too. Jackson was convinced there would be a Panda Bear in their since they like to eat Bamboo so much. He didn't find one.

This is the only smile from this little stinker we got all night. :)


JaNae said...

#3 is my that little hand on the hip!

Veronica said...

I love #1. Is that the cute skirt you altered? It is very cute!

Jeni said...

I like #4 (sorry no one is agreeing!). I love Jackson's hand in his pocket. You guys all look great!

Jen said...

I like #1 best. All are cute, as usual.

Rhonda said...

I like number 1 the best! What a great looking family. I can't believe how long Avery's hair is! So adorable!

Audrey said...

# 1 is my favorite! They're so cute!

Tami said...

I like them all, but #1 is my favorite, especially since it is closer up. I love the individual shots, too!