Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our little troublemaker- Avery Jane

This little gal is into so much mischief these days. She's always spilling, coloring where she's not supposed to, eating markers, or just got a boogedy messy face. She doesn't keep things in her hair very often, so she just looks like a little raggamufin. But I couldn't love her more!
Here's a few shots of her just hanging out in the kitchen sink. Totally her favorite place to be.

She LOVES the phone. And don't you DARE try to take it from her! Note- applesauce in hair. Yum.

This is the same expression I had on my face in pretty much every picture I ever took in college.
Up to no good!

She's my little stomach sleeper. From day one! Just like her mama!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Conservatives for Accountability Now

Some of you may have noticed the new logo on my blog.
It's for a PAC that Kirtis and some friends have started up to help promote Conservatism in Government.
Their website is up and running.
Check it out at

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lake Brittle

Last Saturday Jackson and Daddy checked out Lake Brittle. It was so close. We tried going on as a whole family but Avery didn't want to stay in the boat- so the girls made a donut run while the boys fished.

Not so lucky- but I'm sure they'll be back!!

Summer fun

Last Saturday (okay two Saturdays ago, now!) we went to Burke Lake Park for the afternoon. J and Daddy went fishing while Avery and I went for a walk.
Avery was excited to see her daddy and big brother.

No fish, but still happy!
Then we decided to get some icecream at Piccomolo's in Fairfax. Yum! After, we went for a long walk around some nice neighborhoods by Kirtis' work. We popped in for a bathroom break at Kirtis' work and ran into his boss, who told him about the fair in Fairfax.
At this point it was almost 8:30 pm. I was all for going home. What a fun day we had already had!
But Kirtis was the fun nazi that night and we headed to the fair.
It was so stinking expensive, but worth it for the memories right? Jackson seriously had the BEST time. Duh- cotton candy anyone?

Me and Jackson on the swings. I seriously love these. We had so much fun.

JAckson and daddy rode the caterpillar ride. J is finally old enough that these don't scare him anymore! Yeah!

Kirtis and Jackson won the water squirting game and got this ginormous ball!

To end the night we all rode in the ferris wheel. Such a beautiful night.

There was even fireworks!

We had such a fun day. It felt like a mini-vacation.
I love my little family. I feel so blessed with such a wonderful (and hot!) husband and the two cutest kids ever. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kirtis saves the bird and other adventures with nature

(These pics are from google, not from my camera. But they look about like the animals we've encountered!)

We've been real up close and personal with nature recently. A few weeks ago we came upon 5 hungry caterpillars and of course had to bring them home. Jackson put them in his bug collector with a bunch of leaves, and before we knew it, the leaves were gone, and so were the caterpillars. 5 little cocoons lay still for OVER two weeks. I thought we had killed them. Then Kirtis noticed a movement last night. Turns out those little caterpillars were moths. We had to wake up Jackson (who had just gone to bed) to show him! Only a few actually lived, but it was fun (and a little creepy for me) to see the whole process.

We have a robin's nest under our deck. You can see it only if you lay flat on the deck and look down through the slats. The eggs were so gorgeous (pretty blue just like the candy!!) Now there are baby birds and their mama keeps a close eye on them.
Today Kirtis and Jackson found a baby bird that had fallen out of the nest. We figured it's best to leave him alone and see what happens. Then we got the hugest rainstorm and Kirtis comes home from mutual and rescues the shivering bird. Kirtis puts the bird in a basket with towels to warm him, grabs his coat and a cup. I asked, "where are you going" and he answers, "off to get worms." (Duh!)

We (I mean Kirtis) got half a cup full of worms (shudder!)
while I held the flashlight in the rain.

We (I mean Kirtis) tried to feed the bird cut up worms (ew!) to no avail, so I googled what to do if you find a baby bird.
We read here that you should make a nest out of a container with holes in it, add grass and put the nest next to the original nest so the mom can continue to care for it.
After chasing the feisty little bird around the garage a few times, we (I mean Kirtis!) finally got him transferred, a warm and dry baby bird safe and snug back in a nest and hopefully to be cared for by his momma.
Kirtis did his good deed for the day!
I was happy to watch and not touch any of the aforementioned critters.

We've been busy

Jackson was in a play. He was the dish and Addy was the spoon. They ran away together so well!
He earned his diploma.

He had the best year at Little Lambs!

We went to the aquarium for "members only" night. It was so nice to have it all to ourselves! We learned some new sharks while we were there.

Kirtis and I went to Richmond for the state convention.

We heard Mitt Romney and Sean Hannity.

Hopefully this guy will be the next Governor of VA. (Bob McDonnell)

Heard the best speech ever by this guy. He woke up a sleeping crowd and got numerous standing ovations. It's worth a listen.