Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kirtis saves the bird and other adventures with nature

(These pics are from google, not from my camera. But they look about like the animals we've encountered!)

We've been real up close and personal with nature recently. A few weeks ago we came upon 5 hungry caterpillars and of course had to bring them home. Jackson put them in his bug collector with a bunch of leaves, and before we knew it, the leaves were gone, and so were the caterpillars. 5 little cocoons lay still for OVER two weeks. I thought we had killed them. Then Kirtis noticed a movement last night. Turns out those little caterpillars were moths. We had to wake up Jackson (who had just gone to bed) to show him! Only a few actually lived, but it was fun (and a little creepy for me) to see the whole process.

We have a robin's nest under our deck. You can see it only if you lay flat on the deck and look down through the slats. The eggs were so gorgeous (pretty blue just like the candy!!) Now there are baby birds and their mama keeps a close eye on them.
Today Kirtis and Jackson found a baby bird that had fallen out of the nest. We figured it's best to leave him alone and see what happens. Then we got the hugest rainstorm and Kirtis comes home from mutual and rescues the shivering bird. Kirtis puts the bird in a basket with towels to warm him, grabs his coat and a cup. I asked, "where are you going" and he answers, "off to get worms." (Duh!)

We (I mean Kirtis) got half a cup full of worms (shudder!)
while I held the flashlight in the rain.

We (I mean Kirtis) tried to feed the bird cut up worms (ew!) to no avail, so I googled what to do if you find a baby bird.
We read here that you should make a nest out of a container with holes in it, add grass and put the nest next to the original nest so the mom can continue to care for it.
After chasing the feisty little bird around the garage a few times, we (I mean Kirtis!) finally got him transferred, a warm and dry baby bird safe and snug back in a nest and hopefully to be cared for by his momma.
Kirtis did his good deed for the day!
I was happy to watch and not touch any of the aforementioned critters.


Monica said...

Wow!!! You DID get up close and personal with nature! That picture of the birds is awesome! I was digging up some weeds last spring in a flower bed and started to find some fur. I didn't know what it was so I kept digging and then all of the sudden out jumped 5 babies bunnies. I had bunnies hopping all over my yard. It was crazy! I don't know how many of them made it though. I felt bad for disturbing their home but I really had no idea what it was until it was too late. Me and nature don't always mix!!

Amy said...

That is so awesome, Cali would be in heaven. Scott's reaction to Kirtis saving the birds "he has gotten soft" :) Good job Kirtis!

Angie said...

Such adventure!!

Amy said...

Should we start calling Kirtis "Steve Irwin"? You guys have had some crazy stuff going on with animals at your house. I'm sure Jackson loves it. I wouldn't be so much of a fan myself.

Tammy said...

What fun...I've seen those eggs before and they are just beautiful! That's fun that Jackson is getting a bit of nature so close to home.