Friday, August 7, 2009

Family Reunion at Lake Anna

July 2009:
The Messick Reunion at Lake Anna.
We had such a blast. Tyson and Natalie's family was here from Singapore. Mom flew in from Texas and Rhonda and Greg from Minnesota. The rest of us were already here in Virginia!
Mom picked the place- found it on the internet- she was so brave because she had never seen the place, but it was A-MAZING! Perfect place for all of us.
These were the highlights:

Boat Day: We rented a boat and pulled a tube behind. Hayden Ashton and Hayley all LOVED it. Jackson- not so much. He made me promise he would NEVER EVER EVER EVER have to get on a tube behind a boat again. Hopefully he changes his mind about that in a few years!
Orange County Fair- The kids loved seeing the animals- and all the locals wondered who we were! We loved the fair FOOD court- especially the corn. Second best was the $1 bounce-as-long-as-you-want ride.

The cutest 10 year old girl taught us all about heiffers, cows, bulls and the ins and outs of breeding and raising cattle.Typical ice cream experience with Avery:
Dads took kids horseriding:
Swimming in the lake: Jackson got really comfortable in the water. As long as he had his fish floaty and arm floaties! He just loved being out there with his older cousins who were so brave in the water! Kirtis cracked me up because he would just swim way out for such a long time. I was way too scared to do that unless I had my floaty raft with me!

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Margo said...

What a fun family vacation reunion. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Love Jackson's floaties so cute. Love Avery's picture eating her ice cream. Priceless! That place looks amazing glad you all had a great time with family.