Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time to Catch Up

Is it really August 6? What happened to summer?
We are all moved into our tiny "postage stamp" of a place (thanks erika for that perfect description!) and now the waiting for our new house begins.
This week they are supposed to finally officially START construction. Yippee!!

Also, my mom is moving to Virginia and is going to build a house on the lot next to ours! We are so excited to have another Grandma so close. I have the most awesome mom so I couldn't be more thrilled.

Even though it stinks a little being in this tiny place, I feel like we can finally enjoy our summer- now instead of packing in every spare moment, we can just go and do fun things- FINALLY! So anyone want to go somewhere? I'm in.

In the car yesterday Jackson said the funniest thing:
J: Mom we need to get another baby sister.
G: Really, why?
J: So I can be the answer in primary.
G: For spotlight?
J: Yeah for spotlight!

(Every Sunday they spotlight kids at church and read things about them and have them all stand up until just one kid fits the criteria- Jackson told me he gets the favorite food right all the time- it's just number of sisters that he gets wrong!)

I'll be posting pictures from our trips soon.


Amy said...

that made me laugh so hard about the primary spotlight!! what a funny kid, that is so awesome about your mom!! I want my mom to move by me too!!

bethany said...

How wonderful for your mom to be moving by you!! It's always nice for your kids to get to know their grandmas!!

Leslie said...

how nice that your mom is moving out there! you are SO lucky.

Kristin and Joe said...

Yay for you to have your mom move close! I love being so close to my mom too. And yay that you'll get a new house soon! How fun! We still wish you lived out here though....

Amy said...

I'm totally jealous you'll get to have your mom SO CLOSE. Like next door! Good luck with the apartment living. We did that for three months in Dallas and we were SO glad to finally get back to normal. I hope it goes quickly for you.